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Lucy Lawless
Guest Stars as Agent Morris

Veronica Mars
Season 2 - Episode 11: Donut Run
25 January 2006 / UPN


26 January 2006

Veronica Mars Video & Screencaptures

Added five video clips from the episode "Donut Run"
Video clips created by Roger



Added 244 screencaptures from the episode
Captures by Roger



21 January 2006

Added another promo pic of Lucy as Agent Morris on the upcoming Veronica Mars episode "Donut Run"


20 January 2006

  • Arkansas Democrat Gazette 19 January 2006
    TV TIDBITS Veronica Mars will finally return to UPN on Wednesday, and we have a treat. Lucy Lawless, cult favorite from Xena : Warrior Princess, will play an FBI agent who comes to town looking for Duncan after he takes off with comatose Meg’s newborn baby. Lawless also has a recurring role on Sci Fi’s Battlestar Galactica. More on that later.

TRAILER:  "Donut Run" Wednesday, 01.25.06
An FBI team headed up by tough, seasoned Agent Morris is called in to pursue Duncan after he breaks up with Veronica and flees with Meg's baby.

Lucy Lawless guest stars.
*Many thanks to Morwen for the following*


18 January 2006

TV Guide 23-29 January 2006 Crushes - We Love Lucy. Lawless That Is.We love Lucy. Lawless, that is. From the mythical rabble-rouser of Xena: Warrior Princess to Batttestar Galactica's Cylon newshound to Rizzo in the Broadway revival of "Grease!", the New Zealand knockout has proven time and again that tough chicks rule. - Many thanks to LB for the scan


11 January 2006

Added three more promo pics from "Donut Run"  - Many thanks to Craig from Neptune - Veronica Mars site for the images.

Click here to view promo pics


10 January 2006

Lucy Lawless on Veronica MarsVeronica Mars Promotional Images:
Just received the following promo pic from UPN/CBS Publicity: This is the second Promo pic from the episode "Donut Run" on Veronica Mars - to air 25 January 2006.
Click here to see the larger version and the rest of the promo shots.

9 January 2006

Just received news from UPN Publicity that Veronica Mars will be not be shown on the 18 January as previously mentioned but has been rescheduled to 25 January.

Promotional Images

New Article - Soap Opera Weekly

5 December 2005

UPN Live Web Interview on the Veronica Mars Web Show
Click here to download the entire interview - UPN Site

Kristin Veitch interviews Rob Thomas - Creator and Exec Producer of Veronica Mars

Kristin: And I was talking to you last week while you were directing, you wrote and directed an episode with Lucy Lawless and you mentioned that Charisma was in a shower scene

Kristin: Which episode is that Lucy Lawless is in?

Rob: It's number 11

Kristen: What can you tell us about that?

Rob: I can tell you that she plays an FBI agent and that Veronica has gotten into some hot water.

Kristin: How unusual for her (for Veronica)

Rob: She (Lucy) and Sherrif Lamb have some of the most fun scenes in the piece. Lamb has allusions about being an FBI agent that Lucy Lawless' character puts the breaks to a little.

Kristin: Ah Okay cool.

Rob: It's fun stuff

That's it for the Lucy mentions - Rob goes on to discuss what it's like to write and direct and more about the rest of the show.


23 November 2005

Veronica Mars Update

  • Lucy has just finished filming the Veronica Mars episode "Donut Run". This episode is scheduled to air in the US on 18 January 2006.
    Source: Official Lucy Lawless Fan Club / Sharon Delaney
  • Veronica Mars To Be Shown On Aussie TV
    According to Channel 10 website "Veronica Mars" Pilot episode will air
    28 November 2005 at 7:30 pm. Lucy's episode "Donut Run" is Season 2 Episode 11 so we have a ways to go before being shown in Oz but if you all want to get into the mood and see what this show is about - now's a good time. I have been told it's an excellent show. *Many thanks to Sue for the news*


11 November 2005

For those wanting to play catchup with this show, Season 1 is now available on DVD.

I've been told it's a great show.


10 November 2005

The following information is from E Online


Just found out that Lucy Lawless (you know, the Warrior Princess) is guest starring in the Jan. 18 episode of VERONICA MARS, entitled "Donut Run," written and directed by EP/creator Rob Thomas. She's going to play Agent Morris, a tough, cool, seasoned FBI agent who comes to Neptune to take lead on a kidnapping case that hits close to home with the Mars family. Lamb and Agent Morris will seriously clash during the investigation.

Lucy films her episode next week.

And oh yeah, when you find out who is kidnapped – and how – you’re going to scream, die and have to change your shorts (maybe not in the order). It ties into the double ending thing I told you about in the Nov. 30 episode. It is so outrageous I’m having a hard time believing they’re actually going to do this INSANITY!



Lucy Lawless
Guest Role - Agent Morris
Veronica Mars




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