Lucy Lawless -The Richmond/Ermet AIDS Foundation  Gala Benefit

Lucy sings at REAF Benefit
2 August 2004


News & Information about the Benefit....

2 August 2004

30 July 2004

29 July 2004

The dates of the REAF costume auction have changed to 01/08/04 thru 08/08/04,  and the Lucy Lawless Beanie Baby is also on the live auction page now. 
Many thanks to Julie for the information

24 July 2004

The Advocate - 24 July 2004 - "Help Is on the Way" AIDS fund-raiser, August 2 in San Francisco

23 July 2004

There is  a very brief mention of Lucy on the Playbill site about the upcoming Help Is on the Way Benefit


20 July 2004

New Lucy Interview at the Alameda Star Times - 20 July 2004. Lucy talks about a possible new tv show based in New Zealand, her work with the REAF AIDS benefit, Boogeyman and what she's been up to since Xena ended.

17 July 2004

More Lucy goodies to bid on! Added to the Silent auction list is Beanie Baby “Lucy Lawless at Velma in Chicago”: A hand-crafted beanie baby by Donna Richards representing Lucy Lawless as Velma from “Chicago. Signed by Lucy Lawless. The photo of the autographed Beanie Baby is up on the REAF site just yet but will be shortly. 

This auction will take place on 2 August and is different from the Xena Costumes which will go up on ebay between 4-11 August.

Many thanks to Murphy for the update

16 July 2004


A new item for the Silent Auction on 2 August is a Grease! Playbill that was autographed by Lucy and all the cast. The following note is from Rachelle:

It is a playbill from Grease during Lucy's run that is autographed by the entire cast! Everyone but Lucy is in pen, her's is in black marker on the lower right hand corner.  It includes Sean McDerrmott (Danny Zucco) who will also be there and Lucy's good friend, Tony award winner and also one of the nicest people you could ever meet, Marissa Jaret Winokur. To name a few. I  went to the first five performances and had the entire cast sign it, and on the final night I had Lucy sign it, she was very touched by this.



10 July 2004

Here some pretty cool news (thanks for passing this on Warren).

Help is on the Way X benefit is SOLD OUT and according to the REAF newsletter this is the earliest they have ever sold out <g> I suspect quite a few Lucy fans had something to do with this :) They are now adding people to their waiting list in case they get some tickets that are returned. So if you haven't bought your tickets - you're out of luck.

Commemorative Program Books available for pre-order -

this is what they said about the program books:

We’ve had a number of inquiries from people unable to attend the benefit, primarily Lucy Lawless fans, about the possibility of ordering program books so we’re making them available for pre-sale on our website now.  Commemorative program books within the US can be ordered for $10 each which includes shipping. International orders are $15.  Program book orders will be mailed out about a week after the benefit. We’d also like to offer our thanks the many Lucy Lawless fans who have contributed to her tribute ad in this program. If anyone else is interested in placing an ad in the program book, our ad deadline for camera-ready art is July 15. Advertising in our program book is not only a great way to reach a prime audience, it’s also a way of supporting REAF and our beneficiaries in our fight against AIDS. Information about ordering programs as well as other details about “Help is on the Way X” can be found at:

Silent Auction Preview

The silent auction portion of “Help is on the Way X” is shaping up to be a great auction featuring great travel packages with hotel accommodations all around the US and Hawaii, quality artwork, local hotel and dining packages, great wines and other merchandise as well as fabulous celebrity memorabilia. Two full “Xena: Warrior Princess” costumes, worn by Lucy Lawless on the hit series, will be previewed at the benefit and offered in a special online auction the week following the show. We are still accepting silent auction items up until July 16 so it’s not too late to make a donation. Auction donations are listed and previewed on our website and updated on a regular basis as new items come in.

9 July 2004

The following is from Crystal about the REAF Benefit Programs

I know that there are a lot of you who will not be able to attend the upcoming performance that Lucy will be singing in in San Francisco.  When many Lucy fans from other groups asked for copies of the program I emailed Ken Henderson, one of the coordinators of the event, and suggested that they might want to make the programs available for sale to the fans who cannot attend.  This is what he replied:

"Your suggestion about making programs available for sell after the event is a good one. We can certainly do that. We can actually probably presell them now to make sure we print enough if there is a big demand. It would also help offset the cost of printing them. That would also take the burden off of those of you who are attending to try and take multiple copies and distribute them. I'll try and get that option up on the website by Monday so if you wanted to let people know they can preorder programs there, that would behelpful."

So for those of you who would like copies of the program for your own collection, keep an eye on their web site so that you can order however many copies you'd like. And remember, all proceeds will be going to the organization and I bet once they tell Lucy how many of you have preordered the program, it will bring a bit of a smile to her already beautiful face.  :-)

7 July 2004

Confirmation was received today that Lucy will be at the benefit from Creation.
Click here to read Ken Henderson's note about the generosity of Lucy/Xena fans and what a drawcard Lucy is becoming.

Lucy will be singing a special combined version of two songs from Irving Berlin's Annie Get Your Gun -- "They Say It's Wonderful" and "I Got Lost In His Arms"

There will be a silent auction on 2nd August and 2 autographed 8 x 10s will be auctioned. For those interested in bidding for the Xena "Valkerie" costumes - that auction will take place on ebay from
4 - 11 August. Click here for more details


2 July 2004

This note is from Ken Henderson and I must say Lucy/Xena fans have lived up their reputation once again :) The total is amazing and the generosity of fans is incredible. I am so proud to be part of this fandom.

To date, you have $855 donated towards the ad plus some additional funds ($300) "in honor of Lucy Lawless."

Lucy has been our biggest ticket seller over all 10 years, from what we can track. Her fans have been great and so supportive of her. We really appreciate the support you all give us in honor of her. She's been terrific to work with all long as well, a really terrific lady.


If you would like to add to this have until 15 July to contribute. We've reached the $800 mark for the full size ad but if you want to contribute to this worthy charity in honour of's the details

By check to:

The Richmond/Ermet AIDS Foundation (REAF)
942 Divisadero Street, Ste. 201
San Francisco, CA 94115

Be sure to mark your donation "in honour of Lucy Lawless"

To make a donation in honor of Lucy or contribute towards her tribute ad through PayPal, Please indicate how money is to be designated.  - It's near where the ticket order info is on the "Help X" event page.

24 June 2004

REAF Tribute Ad Update

So far the total raised has been $745 for the ad and $240 in honour of Lucy.  Thanks for everyone who contributed. If you wish to donate you can do it via check or paypal (it has to be in by 15 July)

By check to:

The Richmond/Ermet AIDS Foundation (REAF)
942 Divisadero Street, Ste. 201
San Francisco, CA 94115

Be sure to mark your donation for the Lucy tribute ad.

To make a donation in honor of Lucy or contribute towards her tribute ad through PayPal, Please indicate how money is to be designated.  - It's near where the ticket order info is on the "Help X" event page.



15 June 2004

Images & Press Release

REAF has released the official press release for the Benefit which you can download the pdf (592k)

They also have a 300 dpi version of Lucy's new Promo Pic - it's a bit big at 937k but it's perfect for

Lucy Costume Auction Update - 4-11 August

  • The Auction will be held on Ebay between the 4th August and the 11th August

Silent Auction - 2 August 2004

The following two 8 x 10s will also be auctioned at a Silent Auction on the 2nd August.

Lucy Lawless: Framed 8”x10” signed photo

Xena/Hercules: Framed, signed 8"x10" photo
of Lucy Lawless as Xena and Kevin Sorbo
as Hercules.


18 May 2004

The Xena Costume Auction Page is now up at the REAF Benefit Site. As mentioned previously, Lucy's costumes will be auction offed. One is from the Here She Comes Miss Amphipolis episode - the gold suit she wore in the pangeant. The other is the Valkerie costume has a hand written note from Lucy. This is the costume that Lucy wore as a Valkerie in Return of the Valkeries and it also has the necklace that Lucy wore as part of the costume as well as the ring Xena wore.The ring is beautifully displayed in a framed shadow box. More details will be posted on the Auction page as the date nears.

REAF Xena Costume Auction - 2 August

Updated: 3 April 2004

The Valkyrie Costume - Season 6 (Return of The Valkeries)
Costume, necklace and ring

click on the thumbnails for the larger scans

A furthur update to the Lucy Costume that Julie has donated to REAF for their 2 August auction for
Help Is On the Way X Benefit Concert - Julie has sent me a note to say that she will also be donating Lucy's Valkyrie costume. The Valkerie costume has a hand written note from Lucy. This is the costume that Lucy wore as a Valkerie in Return of the Valkeries and it also has the necklace that Lucy wore as part of the costume (see second image).  Added to the above auction is the ring Xena wore.

5 April 2004

To support Lucy's appearance at the Help Is On The Way benefit Julie have donated one of Lucy's Xena costumes to REAF for their August 2nd auction.  They are hoping to get Lucy to sign the costume and offer it for auction online, as well as at the benefit.  The costume is Xena's gold lame' beauty contest outfit from the Miss Amphipolis episode.  In a few months if it still appears that Lucy will be able to attend the benefit she has agreed to also donate another costume to the auction.


20 March 2004

Received the following information from Ken, Event Producer of the REAF Benefit about donating if you are unable to attend and supporting Lucy:

If you want to donate and you can't be at the concert, REAF has added a ticket order form to the site.

The donation can be made "in honour of Lucy Lawless" in the "List My name as..." section. Right now those orders would need to be faxed in 415-282-5492 or 00111 415-282-5492 (from Australia) and credit card information is included in the order form.

In the next couple of weeks, REAF plan to have  secure online ticketing in place with the same options.


19 March 2004

Lucy to appear at the The Richmond/Ermet AIDS Foundation - Help Is On the Way X Broadway and All That Jazz - 10th Anniversary Gala / Benefit Concert

Help Is On the Way X - Broadway And All That Jazz
Monday, August 2, 2004

The Palace of Fine Arts Theatre


  • BAY (Bay Area Young) Positives
  • Center for AIDS Services
  • Meals of Marin
  • New Leaf Services for Our Community
  • UCSF AIDS Health Project
  • Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS

For tickets and information call 415 273 1620

Gala Show & Reception: $150 up

  • Gala pre-show reception featuring complimentary hor d'oeuvers by top Bay Area restaurants & caterers, wine and spirit bar and extensive silent auction
  • Preferred seating for performance
  • Post-performance champagne and dessert party with the cast

Performance Only: $75

19 March 2004

From a report on the Official Xena Fan Club / STAGE section, Lucy revealed she was invited to participate in the the Aids Project show in San Francisco, and she had accepted.