Lucy Lawless LA Frontrunners June 20, 2004

23rd Annual LA Frontrunners'
Run/Walk for
Gay and Lesbian Pride


23rd Annual LA Frontrunners' Run/Walk
for Gay and Lesbian Pride

20 June 2004

Lucy attended the LA Frontrunners Run/Walk - mingled with fans signed autographs, presented the medals and took part in the parade! 

This section has images, video captures and reports of the event!

Montage by MaryD

Lucy Lawless Talks About Her GLBT Charity Fetish

Working for gay, lesbian, bi and trans rights has been a big part of Lucy Lawless' life ever since the community established itself among her most loyal subjects during her reign as television's "Xena: Warrior Princess." Her efforts recently brought the New Zealand native to Los Angeles for a special Pride event. While she was there, Lawless took the chance to talk about her work with GLBT charities on "This Way Out," a radio program for the GLBT community.

This Way Out - MP3 - 4.62 mb 
This Way Out - WMA - 2.36 mb

Added transcript of the interview by Jennifer Pizer from Lambda Lega on This Way Out radio programe - this is such a great interview. Kudos to Jennifer Pizer - very insightful, interesting and shows Lucy to be intelligent and thoughtful. Absolutely wonderful interview.



  • Project Angel Food
  • GLASS - Gay and Lesbian Adolescent Social Services

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