Lucy Lawless - Less Than Perfect
Season Three Episode: Ignoring Lydia


Lucy played Tracy, a onetime girlfriend of the Eric Roberts character Will Butler. Now a publicity agent, Tracy is assigned to promote Will's new autobiography. Sparks soon fly as she and Will resume their romance, but in the end we find out that Tracy merely wanted to gain revenge on Will for his having previously dumped her. Her deviousness only makes her more attractive to him, however, and she can't resist giving in to Will one last time.


About the show (from the official Less Than Perfect ABC site)

Sara Rue stars as Claudia "Claude" Casey, an enthusiastic assistant who loves her job working for GNB Network news anchor Will Butler, played by Eric Roberts.

After two years, Claude has become more adept at fending off her condescending co-workers, Kipp (Zachary Levi) and Lydia (Andrea Parker), who have been determined to get rid of her to further their own ambitions. Now, while continuing to spar with these snobs, she's being pestered in new ways: Lydia is obsessed with her upcoming wedding to on-air pundit Jeb (Patrick Warburton, new series regular), sharing all the details with everyone at the office -- especially Claude -- and Kipp needs Claude's counsel as he struggles with his new job as Jeb's assistant. Fortunately Claude still has the support of three friends at GNB: the brash and blunt Ramona (Sherri Shepherd), the loyal but idiosyncratic Owen (Andy Dick), and her blowhard next-door neighbor, Carl (Will Sasso), who's also the cafeteria manager.

"Less than Perfect" stars Sara Rue as Claude Casey, Sherri Shepherd as Ramona Platt, Andrea Parker as Lydia Weston, Zachary Levi as Kipp Steadman, Will Sasso as Carl Monari and Patrick Warburton as Jeb Denton, with Eric Roberts as Will Butler and Andy Dick as Owen Kronsky


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TV Guide (US) October 2004  - Promo for Lucy's guest appearance on Less Than Perfect