Lucy Lawless
Guest Role - Stacy
Just Shoot Me





Lucy Lawless on Just Shoot Me

"The Auction" (Season 5, Episode 14)

8 February 2001


The office charity auction is on, and once again, a Blush public event is colored by personal agendas. Maya has a date for the auction, and Elliott, even though he has not fully recovered from the breakup yet, wants to score a date in order to make Maya jealous. Nina offers to set him up with a friend of hers who is a surgeon, and Elliott agrees.  However, the plan falls through, and a desperate Nina recruits a "professional escort" to take her friend's place. Unfortunately, Elliott does not become aware of this development until it's too late. Meanwhile, Jack's disposal of a gift from Finch comes back to haunt him when Finch uses his position as auctioneer to sabotage the proceedings.

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