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Vampire Bats - CBS Telemovie
Tentative Title

Lucy Lawless
 - Dr Maddy Rierdon
Movie Sequel
Screening: 30 October 2005 - CBS

Latest News about this movie...

1 November 2005

Vampire Bats Videos

Added 18 video clips from the movie Vampire Bats.

Screencaptures to follow.

Videos created by Roger for AUSXIP Lucy Lawless. Please do not post these videos on any other site. If you wish to link to a video, please link to the page.




31 October 2005

Video clips and screencaptures will be posted after the movie is aired. Stay tuned.


Links to Articles


30 October 2005


29 October 2005

New Articles and Interviews

Other News...

  • The Vampire Bats Commentary on Lawless Ink has also been updated (6 commentaries in total). Lucy gives a running commentary on each of the Vampire Bats PR photos.
  • CBS has launched the Official Vampire Bats Site which is located here.
    Many thanks to AnnieTheMighty for the news
  • You can also download 3 clips plus a behind the scenes clip.  You have to make sure under Movies and Specials you choose Upcoming Movies. Click here to view
    Many thanks to Jenn from XWPOnline for the news


27 October 2005


New Lucy Videos and Screencaptures

Entertainment Tonight  26 October 2005 -  Two Video Clips (in mov and wmv formats)

Clip 1 - Intro - mov format | wmv format
Clip 2 - Interview - mov format | wmv format
Click here to download videos
Click here to download 62 screncaptures
Videos and Screencaptures created by Roger

Inside Edition 26 October 2005

Lucy Lawless on Inside Edition

Inside Edition 26 October 2005
Interview witth Lucy promoting Vampire Bats
Clip 1 - mov format | wmv format
Click here to download videos
Click here to download screencaptures
Videos created by Roger

Reminder: Lucy will be on Entertainment Tonight - 26 October (US/Can) / 27 October (Aust / NZ) promoting Vampire Bats. Please check your local tv guide for the time in your area.




26 October 2005

Vampire Bats Promos

Added 4 different versions of the Vampire Bats Promo
in two formats - mov and wmv


Lucy TV Alert:

Lucy will be on Entertainment Tonight 26 October / 27 October (Aussies and Kiwis). Please check your tv guide for the time in your area. For Aussies, Foxtel is showing ET as is TCN9.

Newspaper Interview Alert

There will be a print interview with the Toronto Sun soon for the upcoming movie Vampire Bats. | Source: Lawless Ink


25 October 2005

Vampire Bats - Promo Pics

Vampire Bats - Articles

24 October 2005

Lucy Images - Photoshoots

New Lucy Videos

Lucy's site is going to be updated daily with a new video of Lucy going through the Vampire Bats Promo Pics.

The first video is now available in mov and wmv formats
click here to download videos


22 October 2005

Vampire Bats PR Update

  • In the TV Guide for Oct. 24 - 30, Vampire Bats is in the "HOT LIST - 21
    Shows You've Gotta See" which is on the first page after the contents page.
    Includes a small pic of Lucy. - Many thanks to Janice for the news

Upcoming Lucy Interviews - Source: Lawless Ink

  • Entertainment Tonight next week
  • Syndicated News Interviews
  • TV Guide Online


Not too soon for a spook sampler  New York Newsday - 21 October 2005
... Vampire Bats (Oct. 30 at 9 pm, CBS) - Lucy Lawless and Dylan Neal in a new TV-movie sequel to last year's "Locusts," with Brett Butler and Craig Ferguson. ...

20 October 2005

Promo Video and Screencaptures

Lucy Lawless in Vampire BatsOh my. If you haven't seen the Vampire Bats Promo over at CBS you might just want to take a look see. If you have a weak heart...brace yourself and I'm not talking about the chomping vampire bats <vbg>

Added some screencaptures from the trailer.

This is just too creepy but if you want to buy authentic Vampire Bats props used in the movie (why? I don't know. You may like bats or something) and you have some money to spend...check
them out

19 October 2005

Vampire Bats Articles

  • Added interview with Lucy about Vampire Bats from Gannett News Service
    Gannett News Service - 14 October 2005 - CBS uncloaks 'Vampire Bats'
    "Vampire Bats" seems cozily distant from the harshness of realism and real life. "It's good fun," says Lucy Lawless, who stars in the CBS movie on Halloween eve. "Not everything has to be deep and meaningful."

Vampire Bats Update

Lucy Lawless

Lawless Ink has a few more high resolution Vampire Bats Promo Pics as well as a few of the other cast.

Click here to view



Lucy Lawless Vampire Bats

Angie Larson has sent in a cool looking wallpaper based on the promo pics for the Vampire Bats movie

Click here to view


17 October 2005

14 October 2005

Upcoming Interviews for Vampire Bats

News from Flawless Ink is that Lucy has conducted several interviews for various news organisations like: New York Daily News, New York Post and AP about Vampire Bats. No date for publication has been given.

Check out a photo of Lucy while she's being interview looking very relaxed

13 October 2005

Added press release from CBS about Vampire Bats

Added high resolution Vampire Bats publicity photos



9 October 2005

Vampire Bats Update

The Just Jared blog has some gorgeous pictures of Lucy from the movie Vampire Bats!

Check them out at justjared blog

Many thanks to Jared for the images.


23 September 2005

Cast Update

Cast Photo

21 September 2005

Cast Update

Jerrod and Lucy on Vampire BatsUpdated cast list to include Jerrod "Jrod" Paige to the cast list as "Wayne"

The photo is of Lucy and Jerrod on the set of the movie in Nova Scotia.


17 September 2005

Cast Update

TV Interview Alert

  • Mitch also mentioned he will be on the Craig Ferguson show on October 21. He wasn't sure if Lucy was going to be on there as well.

Articles / Blogs

  • Added a link to the Nova Scotia blog with a Lucy mention and filming of Vampire Bats has ended. - Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the link.
  • Another brief mention of Lucy and Vampire Bats in the blog A Week in the Life of Paul Fraser III. Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the link.

15 September 2005

News from The Official Lucy Lawless Fan Club Page:

  • The movie production moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia. The producers of Bats were finishing up filming another movie there and that crew will become the Bats production team in a couple days. It's a challenge because the new crew will have no idea what went on before. They also need to reproduce sets, costumes, etc. Lucy said Brett Butler worked for one week in New Orleans and her work was finished. However, Timothy Bottoms is there along with Dylan Neal and many of the rest of the cast.

14 September 2005

Lucy Mentions - Blog Spot

lvsinsanity (lvsinsanity) wrote,
@ 2005-09-12 15:15:00

Also, Lucy Lawless has been spotted in HFX recently shooting a new movie, and the day before she was in the OYNX!!! Heidi said she's going to get me an autograph if she can, when/if she comes back!! Hehehe...Lucy Lawless is not very much taller then me aparently....SWEET!!! She's like my idol! Seriously, this woman doesn't take shit from no one, and she knows how to FIGHT!!!! She's taken actual
martial arts training classes, she knows how to ride horses and all this
stuff...Go New Zealand women!!!

1 September 2005

I followed up the note from the CBS Media Relations to ask if the movie would be pushed back due to Hurricane Katrina. Jennifer Gunderson, from CBS Media Relations sent me the following message:

  • The airdate of "Vampire Bats," nothing has changed - it will still be broadcast on CBS on Sunday, Oct. 30. As for completion of the movie, production will not be going back to New Orleans to finish filming, however they are currently working out their plans to finish the movie and should have that worked out shortly.

The following videos were contributed by Jenn from XWPOnline

Lucy Lawless on Showbiz Tonight 30 August 2005 leaving to go back home to Los Angeles. format: rm - Size: 918k

Also added screencaptures from the segment

Lucy told Showbiz Tonight: There was children on the side of the road...that was terrible...and the strain on the policemen's faces because you knew they were staying out a sense of duty, to us...and people yelling at them. [Lucy is clearly moved] because we are all so self interested in getting out of the disaster and we forget about those people that have to stay out of a sense of duty.

They are great heroes.

We want the people of New Orleans to know that we will be back. We want to help grow the industry. We love being there and we love them. They have been so kind to us and we will be back.


Lucy was also on Entertainment Tonight 30 August 2005 - ET said that Vampire Bats filming will be relocated from the devastated New Orleans.

format: rm - Size: 313k


31 August 2005

Got this note from the Media Relations Coordinator at CBS...

The New Orleans production of the CBS television movie "Vampire Bats" was interrupted earlier this week when Hurricane Katrina swept into the town. The crew and cast, including star Lucy Lawless, began evacuating on Sunday to places including Houston, Dallas, and, in Lawless' case, Baton Rouge, and were safely out of harms way when the Hurricane struck. The producers of the movie hope to resume production soon.

More News Articles...

Lucy Lawless on the set of Vampire Bats

Entertainment Tonight 29 August 2005
Lucy Lawless talks to ET by phone from Baton Rouge where she escaped to after orders for evacutation New Orleans halted production of Vampire Bats. Also contains footage of Lucy on the set of Vampire Bats
320 x 240 - 1.95 mb wmv format
640 x 480 - 12.1 mb wmv format

Videos contributed by Roger

Lucy Pictures

Lucy Lawless at Baton Rouge after driving 9 hours to get out of New Orleans


Sharon has posted a phone pic that Lucy sent in to reassure fans that she's okay.  Check out the full size pic on The Official Xena Fan Club Page



30 August 2005

News about Katrina and Lucy safety

Lucy Lawless - entertainment tonight

Judi got the live feed from ET - Click here to view captures

The images of Lucy are from an interview Lucy did with ET about Vampire Bats. Lucy spoke to ET via phone from Baton Rouge

Lucy told ET "I turned on the television and saw Category 5," Lawless tells ET.

The actress was one of the mass swarm of people who have fled the devastating storm. She had been shooting the CBS movie "Vampire Bats" in the Big Easy when the frantic call to evacuate the city came.

"The traffic was going one-mile-per hour sometimes," Lawless says of trying to leave the city. "Then it was two-miles-per hour, then five. It took nine hours for what should have taken 50-55 minutes."

Lucy had no electrical power and was only able to communicate via telephone. With her family back home and out of harms way, she left the city with three production members and is staying in Baton Rouge, LA. But the popular star is concerned for the people who weren't as lucky as her.

"I just realized all those people in incredibly low-lying areas are in such threat," she says. "I just worry about them."

Just last week Lucy told ET how fond of the city she was. "I love this town, I love the heat" the New Zealander said. "I was afraid of coming, working in sweltering heat and swamps, but it's just been pure joy. I would move here if I could work here all of the time."


Lucy on ET tonight, Aug. 29 to thank the fans that made offers of shelter and a charter plane.

Lucy is in Baton Rouge (according to ET) and is safe. You can see a video clip of her brief chat with ET on ET Online Many thanks to LB for the ET Link

(via Sharon Delaney / Official Xena Fan Club Page)

Talked with her again this morning. Said she woke up in the wee hours to the sound of three explosions which was probably trees hitting power lines. Still lots of wind and rain but a safe place to be and they hope to go back to finish the movie.

Official Xena Fan Club

This message was posted earlier from Sharon about Lucy's progress:

Talked to Lucy yesterday afternoon and she wanted everyone to know all the cast and crew of the movie are safely out of New Orleans. They're staying with friends of the production company. It was a long, slow ride out of town, but they made it. Their thoughts are with those still in the city and the surrounding area and everyone is praying that the storm weakens. She's grateful for the offers of help that were received as they were readying the troupe to move out.


The Washington Times reports

  • Stars flee Big Easy film sets
    Aug. 29, 2005 at 3:08PM
    Hurricane Katrina has shut down production on at least two Hollywood projects filming in the New Orleans area. Former "Xena: Warrior Princess" Lucy Lawless was in the Big Easy shooting "Vampire Bats" for CBS when the evacuation call came in, "Entertainment Tonight" reported Monday. "The traffic was going 1 mile per hour sometimes," she told "ET" about her ride out of town. Two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank was also evacuated from her Louisiana set. She was shooting the supernatural thriller "The Reaping" in St. Francisville, "ET" said.


26 August 2005

New Articles

23 August 2005

  • SciFi Wire - 22 August 2005 Lawless Batty About Vampire
    Lucy Lawless, who stars in the upcoming CBS horror movie Vampire Bats, told SCI FI Wire she's reprising her role as a bug specialist and college professor from last year's telefilm Locusts. The former Xena: Warrior Princess star played Dr. Maddy Rierdon in Locusts, which dealt with a town taken over by swarming bugs. Now, she's battling bloodthirsty bats, Lawless said in an interview.

22 August 2005

  • Added link to 19 August 2005 CBS Loads Up on Bats. Frank Von Zerneck and Robert Sertner are producing the network's sequel to last season's Locusts.

  • E! Online has brief mention of the movie for the 15 August 2005 Movie News
    Craig Ferguson has gone Bat-ty. The Late Late Show host is set to cameo in CBS' Vampire Bats, a sequel to last year's miniseries Locusts. The telepic follows a group of scientists who link a breed of vampire bats to a series of bizarre murders. Lucy Lawless and Dylan Neal reprise their original roles in the telepic. Brett Butler and Timothy Buttons also star. Shooting has already begun in New Orleans.


20 August 2005

18 August 2005

  • CBS News release (via Futon Critic) 17 August 2005 - Lucy Lawless ("Zena: Warrior Princess," "Tarzan") and Dylan Neal ("Dawson's Creek") reprise their roles as Dr. Maddy Rierdon and Dan Dryer from the highly-rated CBS Television Movie "Locusts" in VAMPIRE BATS, a new television movie that has begun production in New Orleans for broadcast Sunday, Oct. 30 (9:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Read more

17 August 2005

  • Updated Cast Information with the addition of Timothy Bottoms and Craig Ferguson to the cast



12 August 2005

9 August 2005


7 August 2005

Updated Cast Information with the addition of Robin Hines to the cast.
Many thanks to Deb Abbott for the news

31 July 2005

According to the New Orleans Film Review, Vampire Bats is currently in pre-production and will begin filming in New Orleans on 8 August 2005. For those interested in auditioning for the movie there is another audition that will be held on 2 August at The Boot, 1039 Broadway New Orleans, LA 70118 Phone: 504.866.9008  Please bring a non returnable self-photograph with your
Name, Address, 2 Contact Phone Numbers, Height, Weight, Age, Sex, Race, Date of Birth, and your Measurements. If you are thinking about going to the audition there is a blog entry that you should read before you do and go prepared. Many thanks to Barbara for the news


29 July 2005

LADavid Casting Casts Extras for CBS Vampire Bats - Press Release

LADavid Casting is currently working with CBS to find New Orleans locals for professional background actors for the movie of the week, Vampire Bats with Lucy Lawless and Dylan Neil.

/24-7PressRelease/ - BATON ROUGE, LA, July 27, 2005 - Casting Director Lauri David announces that her company, LADavid Casting has been secured by the producers of Vampire Bats, a CBS movie of the week which stars Lucy Lawless and Dylan Neil. Currently, LADavid is busy finding just the right individuals to be a part of this exciting film. According to David, "it takes professional individuals to be professional background extras. It is a job that you must take seriously." Read More...


26 July 2005

Casting Call for Vampire Bats:

There will be an open casting call on Thursday, July 28th @ 11pm at Altitude 33 (top of the World Trade Center, 33rd floor). Please bring a self photo including all your contact info (2 phone #'s) and your personal description info. The call is for VAMPIRE BATS starring Lucy Lawless. We are looking for people to fill extras parts for a club scene, a classroom/school scene. and others. or go to  (sorry no picture upload option just yet!)
Source - Many thanks to Barbara for the news

25 July 2005

Added article from Times Union 23 July 2005 Nice finds a home on Hallmark

22 July 2005




20 July 2005

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

VAMPIRE BATS (working title), Sunday, Oct. 30 (9:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT), stars Lucy Lawless ("Locusts") and Dylan Neal ("Locusts") in a story about a voracious-insect specialist, now a college professor in search of a simpler life, who gets caught up in the investigation of a student who is found dead with his body completely depleted of blood and realizes that the killers are actually vampire bats that have mutated due to a tainted water supply. Frank Von Zerneck, Robert Sertner and Jill Tanner are the executive producers for Von Zerneck/Sertner Films, in association with Sony Pictures Television.


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