The Darkoom

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A teenage boy befriends an escapee from a mental institution who sees
visions of horrible murders being committed. 

Starring Lucy Lawless, Shawn Pyfrom and Greg Grunberg
Mindfire Entertainment / CFQ Films
Mike Hurst and Mark A. Altman

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The Darkroom is the story of a nameless amnesiac man [HOMICIDE’s Reed Diamond] who has spent over a decade in a mental institution in hopes of remembering anything about his past. When he is subjected to an experimental drug that fails to help, he suffers a violent hallucination and makes his escape during an altercation between guards and another patient.

“Arriving in the city, he befriends Stanley, a nerdy 15-year-old boy [DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES’ Shawn Pyfrom], who lives with his alcoholic mother [BOOGEYMAN’s Lucy Lawless] and his stepfather Bob [ALIAS’ Greg Grunberg], while suffering from horrific visions of a terrible creature committing brutal acts on those around him. Realizing that all is not right with his stepdad, who disappears almost every night, Stanley enlists the man’s help to investigate Bob’s hidden secrets, leading them to his locked darkroom inside their home—which may not only hold the clue to Stanley’s questions about his father, but the man’s identity as well.”

Message from Lucy about the role:

"I play the emotionally abused wife who's trying to keep her family together. I'm the mother Stanley's trying to protect. Charlize Theron would have loved this part. I met the filmmakers and decided they were the real deal. Working with Greg was such a pleasure and Mike Hurst, Mark and Chuck. It was an honor to work with them. It was after meeting them I decided I want to work with these people.

P.S. Mike Hurst is not the same person who played Iolaus."

-- Lucy


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