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Lucy Lawless - Messages To Her Fans |  Tweets From Lucy

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The following Lucy messages have been sent to all her fans and supporters of her various charities over the years and also includes messages sent to AUSXIP from Lucy.



15 November 2011

Message From Lucy To the NZ Government

Just received the following from Lucy and it's a message to the NZ Government in regard to  saying no to deep sea oil drilling. On 9th November 2011, Lucy added her name to a petition for a stop to the the Government's plans for deep sea oil drilling off New Zealand's coasts, and for a halt to plans to expand the coal industry. Greenpeace petition calling for a shift to clean sources of energy. The number of people signing the petition has surged since the Rena disaster, and the total is now over 100,000. (Read the full press release)

Dear New Zealand Government,

I and many other New Zealanders are putting you on notice that your courting Deep Sea Oil Drillers is totally unacceptable to us.

Petrobras [
the Brazilian oil company that is intending to drill for oil in up to 3100 metres of water off the East Cape, is the part-owner of an oil field northeast of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where a serious oil leak has developed] already has an uncontrollable leak off their own coast which is spewing filth into their own marine environment.

Why are you giving offshore oil companies carte blanche to risk OUR fisheries, OUR coastal way of life, OUR clean green brand upon which all our premium exports rely?

Do you work for us or for them?!

Your answer, please?

Lucy Lawless


The petition exists in hard copy form, and online at: http://greenpe.ac/nodeepseaoil


05 November 2011

Newsflash - Lucy's Mug Shot Oakland Police Department!
Lucy sends in two mock mug shots of her alleged "arrest"...read on!

These photos are a response to the calls Lucy's reps have been getting about her purported arrest in Oakland two nights ago based on tweets that have been circulating.

Evidently, she crossed the line when she threw a boot at a cop and got arrested. The crowd was chanting, "Free Xena!"  Lucy apologies to Nick Nolte for pinching his style.


Over the last few days there has been a rumour going round and round and round that Lucy was arrested at an OccupyOakland rally. What a load of tosh. Lucy's official rep has confirmed that this is utter nonsense and Lucy was in Los Angeles and not in Oakland and certainly not in any Occupy Protest


What started this? A rumour started on Twitter of someone claiming it was Lucy who threw a boot at a cop. The facts shouldn't get in the way of a good made up story so without a shred of evidence to prove it was the real Lucy Lawless, the rumour spread and since we have a plethora of celebs behaving badly...well it was believed.

As you can see from the photo - that's not the case; Lucy was NOT arrested. She does have a great sense of humour and doesn't take herself seriously so she sent in the photos and made a joke of it.

 Her mug shots are fun and her alleged arrest is false.



17 October 2011

Lucy at the Rugby!


lucyattherugbyWell lookee who showed up at the Rugby game last night between Australia and New Zealand. I will not mention the score - it wasn't pretty for Australia. Good luck to the kiwis - they need a win after the horrendous year they have had.

Here's a message from Lucy along with a pic she sent last night from the game.

I, of all people! I have been swept away with the excitement in Auckland. Here to see the mighty All Blacks play the Wallabies in semi-finals.
Game starts in 40 mins.
Go, All Blacks!!!

Congrats to the kiwis for winning the game. The score was 20-6 to the mighty All Blacks. Next week is the final between NZ and France.



13 September 2011

Andy Whitfield Trust Fund Set Up and Message From Lucy

Hey folks, many people have been asking how they can help Andy's family. Lucy has sent in the following note and way to help the family out - trust fund has been set up where you can donate to help out.


Dear Friends,

a trust fund has been set up for Andy's family. we are all keen to let Vashti know that her unwavering support of her husband's career was very much appreciated. Without her, Andy would never have left his career as a structural engineer to fulfill his dreams. She put her own career on hold to back him up. Filming schedules often leave the partner holding the baby 60 + hours a week for months on end. Andy's wife was a tower of strength through thick and thin. We want her to know how touched we were by his portrayal of Spartacus and how grateful we are for her part in it.
Blessings always,

The most important thing for Andy is that his family are supported in their future and so a facility has been established for anyone who wishes to contribute.

Bank details for accepting payment to Andy Whitfield?s Estate.

Please note, this is an AUD currency account based in Australia so any transfers will be deemed foreign transfers on their end.

HSBC Bank Australia
Account Name: RGM Artist Group Pty Ltd Trust Account
Swift Code: HKBAAU2S
Branch Code: 343-001
Account No: 206 036 002
Currency: AUD
Reference: "Whitfield Donation"



31 August 2011

Message from Starship and Lucy about the Spring Clean Auction starting tomorrow!

Hi everyone,

Just a last minute reminder that the Starship Spring Clean goes live from 6pm NZ time tonight! Pictured below are the amazing outfits we'll be selling from the first season of her hit show Spartacus: Blood and Sand, follow the directions below on how you can bid. But don't just take our word for it - here's what Lucy told us just yesterday:

Get bidding (or register for bids) from 6pm tonight (NZ time) at: www.trademe.co.nz/starship.





The New Zealand public can bid on the item directly at www.trademe.co.nz/starship.

Overseas fans will need to place proxy bids.  Anyone interested in registering for proxy bids should check out the auctions throughout September (note: not all items will be listed from the first day - so keep checking back throughout the month).

If you would then like to place a proxy bid on any item, please email cindyc@adhb.govt.nz with the following information:

    Your name
    The auction name and number you wish to bid on
    The amount you wish to bid

Please Note: (To avoid disappointment we recommend you offer your highest proxy bid at the outset, however, if you wish to monitor the auction as it progresses and place your bids accordingly, please note that the Starship Foundation will use its best endeavours to place your bid on your behalf but cannot guarantee your bid will be placed or that you will be the winning bidder of the item).

All personal details will be destroyed immediately after the auctions have finished.

17 August 2011

Lucy Message On Upcoming Event with Al Gore 24 Hour of Reality

Lucy sent over the following info about an upcoming event with her and Al Gore! Check out Lucy's message and the details of the event - Lucy will be a part of this event from September 14-15, 2011! Tune in!

Message From Lucy:

I have set sail for my life as an eco-Warrior. Won't you all join me?

Aviary docs-google-com Picture 1.pngEvent Information:

Former Vice President Al Gore and his team at Climate Reality have a big new project. It's 24 Hours of Reality - and from September 14-15 a new slideshow presentation created by Gore will be given once every hour progressing across every time zone around the world. The entire 24 hours will be broadcast live online and between each "in country" segment, they will cut back to a studio in NY where a talk-show-like program will feature climate scientists, celebrities and other public figures engaged in the climate discussion talking about on the ground impacts, solutions and sharing stories.



17 August 2011

New Lucy Message and Photos Rainbow Warrior III Auction
Posted by MaryD: 17 August 2011

photo.jpgNew message from Lucy about her upcoming auction items for raising money for the Raindow Warrior III on 24 August 2011

I am having a wee cry about losing my two friends, 'Tonto' and 'The Lone Ranger' which are the first artworks I ever bought with my Xena pay packet. They are magnificent photos by the now world famous, Michael Parekowhai. He was the big noise at the Venice Biennale this year. I really love everything he does.

These photos are like childhood friends to me. I love their humour and politics. They seem to say, "I'm Big, I'm Camp and I'm here to stay!" I admire this quality in others. I like people that are fruity and comfortable in their skin and ready for action.


tonto.jpgI am so committed to raising $$ and awareness of Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior III that I am going to let these go to auction next week in New York. It is run by an outfit called CHARITYBUZZ.

Please help spread the word especially to people in the art world. These are landmark works of a major talent.

They are also auctioning off a dinner with me, though frankly, I recommend you go for the photos!

Love the World!
Lucy Lu

For more information about Lucy's auction for Greenpeace - go to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Rainbow Warrior III Subsite




03 August 2011

Received the following note from Lucy - she is raising money for Greenpeace and the Rainbow Warrior III - As many of you are aware the first Rainbow Warrior was sunk by the French 25 years ago and now Greenpeace want to launch another Rainbow Warrior. Lucy is a Greenpeace ambassador. More details about the auction as it comes to hand but here is Lucy's message:

I am auctioning a meet and greet as part of the Greenpeace Int'l auction to raise money for the Rainbow Warrior III. I am selling some artwork and personal jewelry. After all, it's not worth @#$! without a clean planet.

Auction is Aug 24 in NY.

I am on a mission to raise money so that the Rainbow Warrior III can battle 'The Oncelers', as Dr Seuss called them, that are raping our planet. A sustainable future is within our grasp. Evolve now!

Love, love, love,

For more about this auction visit the
The AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Greenpeace Auction event page

05 April 2011

Message From Lucy About Her Birthday and the AUSXIP Charity Auction!

Here's a new message from Lucy about her birthday and the AUSXIP Charity Auction which is held in March in time for Lucy's birthday! Thanks to everyone we have raised $9600 for Starship this year! Unbelievable.

thank-you everyone for your kindness and best wishes on my birthday.
I never truly understood that the online auction was a birthday present to me. I was extremely blown away when I got it for the first time! I was quite mute.

Thank-you all (especially Mary D) who organised it. The Starship people are going to be shocked and delighted. I know that will buy some incredible piece of equipment that will help heal a child or ease suffering. You are very generous and I send warm blessings on you all from afar. ( I just took a few minutes out to pray in your direction!)

I had a lovely, lovely birthday. When work was unexpectedly postponed, I caught up with Madeleine Sami and Ladyhawke for brunch at Alleluia Cafe on K Rd and then went out to play tennis very badly with pals in Mt Eden. The rest of the day was spent with my family. My sister made the most gorgeous lemon cake I have ever seen and which we devoured over two days. Thanks, Jos!

Now I have to get back to work. on Sparty. My internet has been down so I have been trying to do research on my little iPhone. Not very good. I am so excited by the new direction for my character. Bizarre stuff! Michael Hurst and I are psyched about what we're about to do. Wish I could say what, but it would ruin the surprise.
Up and at 'em!

13 March 2011

Lucy Lawless, Amanda Billing and Megan McNeil at Ellerslie  on 12 March 2011 for Diamond Day Races – the finale of Auckland Cup Week. Lucy basically tells us the gauntlet was thrown down and we the fans picked it up and wouldn’t let the other teams win. HELL YES! :) Xena/Lucy fans NEVER give up…it was a matter of pride and a matter for doing it for Lucy and Starship.

Amanda’s fans pushed us alright and we nearly got overrun on the penultimate day BUT we rallied like Lucy fans do and won. It was a pretty good challenge by Amanda’s fans and we give them mega kudos for scaring us into another gear. Thanks guys!

To re-read the insanity that was the last few days..hop on over to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Argo Resene Horse Page

Watch Video


10 March 2011

Lucy Lawless and her lovely assistant Renee O’Connor in the kitchen of her home. Renee makes a very special appearance in Lucy’s kitchen to help her prepare some yummy food!Special appearances by the Tapert clan at the end!

Click here to watch


10 March 2011

Lucy Lawless thanks the fans for helping her and Starship win in the Resene Facebook Likes Campaign during February / March 2011! Her painted horse Argo Starship Warrior Princess won and in winning Starship gets $5000 extra for the kids!

Watch Video


05 February 2011

Lucy Video Blog #2 – The Progress of Her Pony
Posted on: 5th February 2011

This is the second video blog by Lucy and it’s the progress of her horse (with no name yet). You can also catch the first video blog where she introduces us to the tall horse. You can find out more about Lucy & Resene Fastest Art Exhibition on the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless [...]


03 February 2011

Lucy Video Resene Blog – Introducing Us To Her HorseLucy Video Resene Blog – Introducing Us To Her Horse
Posted on: 3rd February 2011

Hi, Lucy Lawless here. Just got back to NZ and thought I’d post this video blog. I’m looking forinspiration for how to paint my horse for Starship – any suggestions? You can offer Lucyyour suggestions on the Resene Facebook Page


Official Lucy Images of Argo + Ursula by (C) 2011 Lucy Lawless 8 - 14 February 2011
Click on the thumbnails for the larger photos - images sent by Lucy Lawless





29 March 2010

Lucy sent me a message about the wonderful support for the auction.

Holy cow! My god, that is a lot of money! You can be sure that that will go right where it is vitally needed. Thank-you Friends, from the bottom of my heart!I have never worked on a show with a fanbase as giving as the XWP gang. I guess it was the nature of the show and its message that formed such a community.

I am a day wiser today. I had a wonderful birthday and I just realised that that was truly a birthday present to me! Gosh, now I feel all redfaced. I know you all work so hard for every buck you make and I never want to cajole money out of my beloved fans for any reason. I appreciate all you have done for me in my life and career and I truly ask for nothing more from you. But you make these things happen anyway.
On behalf of all my collegues at the Starship Foundation, our great love and thanks to you, dear Friends, dear Nutballs, old Pals!

Thanks to Mary, Christa, Roger and team for making it all go.
I am so touched.
Love always and everywhere,

I'm beyond stoked with the figures I was tallying last night. Beyond stoked. Here are the prelim figures for Starship & ROC Outreach Fund.

Starship Foundation
$ 11,917.74 NZD (that figure will rise with some late sales and some donations)

ROC OutReach Fund
$3,240.82 USD




20 April 2008

Lucy was recently been interviewed for AUSXIP Interviews and this is what she had to say about her fans and their support:

Are you surprised by the support your fans give the Charities you choose?

I am so grateful to all my fans for their support over the years of my charities and others. i never ask the fans to give.

Instead I encourage them to enrich their own communities and world in their own way. I am so completely humbled by 'Feel the Love' Day. I think it is a powerful example of how my fans do not so much celebrate the tv show 'Xena', so much as practise the spirit of the show, which is all about looking after the little guy, respect for self, others and our planet. What's not to love about that?!

Read the entire interview here



27 February 2007

I am off working on Ted Raimi's internet pilot this morning. I am playing an executive with a nasty problem to solve that involves polaroids going to the wrong recipient.

Ted's brother, Ivan, is an ER doctor and would regale us with the tales people tell to excuse the curtain rod stuck in their bottom. Or the jam jar or whatever.

I was thinking we could incorporate some of those crazy stories. I always needed a strong director to stop me going too far. Over to you, Ted.

We'll see what falls off the back of the truck, eh?

Then my prep for Football Wives really begins in the afternoon.
I'm going under . . .
Glub, glub . . .


27 January 2007

The Roxy/MySpace Update

Current mood:grateful

Thanks, friends and truckers for all the love/ support/ prurient  interest in the MySpace world. I am so glad you made it to the show in Hollywood.  For those of you who didn't, I still love your guts and  say nice things about you behind your back. (except that your mother  reeally does dress you funny.)

I am glad you liked the videos. I'm a little disappointed that they  show me in such a harsh light but, bugger it!  I am a busy little superstar and I demand to be satisfied. I don't think it is too much to expect my lovely assistant to  anticipate my every whim.
That's what slaves are for...er,  no, assistants! That's what  ASSISTANTS are for.
Oh, crap, just keep your eyes peeled. This is where the dirt is.


13 January 2007

Countdown To The Roxy - Day 7

Current mood:anxious

    There is no written blog today.  But instead if you go to the videos section you will find two new uploads that will explain what i did today!


12 January 2007

Countdown To The Roxy - Day 6

Current mood:giddy

Hi Gang,

not much to report today as i spent the day preparing for my second and final full rehearsal with my musicians and backup singers.  I am so excited that i cannot even begin to find the words to express what that feels like.  I will have more to talk about tomorrow so please come back and check in.


Don't miss Lucy on KTLA in Los Angeles, channel 5, 9am, on Friday, Jan. 12


11 January 2007

Countdown to the Roxy - Day 5

Current mood:excited

Today I visited with Alek Adorian to finalize what I'm wearing for my shows this weekend.  He designed my outfits for Celebrity Duets and has done a fantastic job on these as well.  

Then I went to my voice lesson before heading out to my first full rehearsal with band and back up singers.  It is all coming together absolutely fantastically.  I am beyond excited and cannot wait to share more with you in the coming days, and to the actual shows this weekend.

I also have a couple of surprises for you.  If you look in my Videos section you will find two short clips that show some of my preparations from the last few days.  They are fun and silly and I hope you enjoy them.


10 January 2007

Countdown To The Roxy - Blog 4

Current mood:cheerful

Today i had rehearsals with my backing vocals captain Sharlotte Gibson and my piano playing buddy Jason.  And it's all coming together nicely.  Tomorrow will be our first full on rehearsal and i couldn't be more excited and ready.  I'm happy to finally be getting on with it you could say. 

And thanks to those of you who have sent good wishes as they seemed to have worked.  I am feeling quite a bit better but am going off to rest more now.

09 January 2007

Countdown To The Roxy - Day 3

Current mood:crappy

Today I visited the doctors, he took a look at my sinuses and vacuumed them out.  He also gave me some medicine and hopefully it will do the trick.  With the stress of being sick i forgot i had a interview/co-host with IMRU radio with Rita Gonzales.  So I just made it.  I also went out with my keyboardist to shop for some special effect sounds for the show.

So anyway, now off to bed to rest up for tomorrow and another busy day of getting ready for the show.   

08 January 2007

Countdown To The Roxy - Day 2

Current mood:sick

Today I ran thru the set list with my buddy Jason & Kit Kat Crimins & my Motley crew.  We worked out the order of songs: i.e. which song segued into which most naturally. 

We labored trying to make Kat's speech funny.  It was an uphill battle.  She fought us all the way. 

Now I'm off to Anaheim to watch ice hockey.  It's time to indoctrinate our kids into the religion that is the world's greatest game.  I will try not to throw squid like a real Red Wings fan.  And since I am sick as a dog I will try not to boo the Ducks too loud.  The force runs strong in me but I'm bound to fail.

07 January 2007

Countdown To The Roxy - Day 1

Current mood:restless

Today is exactly one week to the first of two Lucy Lawless Live concerts at the famous Roxy nightclub in Hollywood!  Here is Lucy's first entry of her Countdown To The Roxy blog!  Let the fun begin!

I am freaking out because I can't start working with the musicians till next week.  I will have literally 2 days rehearsal; to test the keys, edit the shape and endings of songs.  The tone of each is very synergistic, which means wanting to have all the elements jamming together.

I have sat for three weeks turning into a fricking pudding.  Now that the holidays are t-e-r-m-i-n-a-t-e-d I am rearing to go but there's no one to play with.

Oh god, i have to get in shape (i.e. lose 10 lbs of fat-bastardness), get cozzies sorted, work on publicity campaign, trying to get single remastered & produced into CD. 

And hell, mustn't forget about my acting career.  Big eps of Battlestar coming up.  And press want to cover it.  I love the way my stint as D'Anna wrapped up.  Those guys are genius.


5 January 2007

Hi Gang,

I am starting 2007 with a bang!  The Roxy gig is obsessing me.  How come i'm so attracted to things that scare me?  Coz "the payoff is AWESOME" right?  My Auntie Judy always said my eyes are bigger than my stomach.

I am so thrilled that so many of you are coming from so far away.  It's going to be a good evening no matter what happens.   Come one, come all!!

lots of love,
Lucy x



19 August 2006

New Lucy Starship Letter & Ebay Auction for Lucy's Drawing

Lucy has sent out a new letter to all Starship Foundation supporters. Big news is that Starship will be holding an Ebay auction for one of Lucy's new drawings - the auction will be held on 21 August 2006.

Click here to read the letter with a copy of the drawing.



22 August 2006

Hi All!

The Duets prep is coming along.  We are all having a great time.  There was a heap of press the other day for myriad outlets, even CNN, which i was particularly excited about.  I guess it's part of the I-can't-believe-this-is-happening-to-me phenomenon.  Indeed the other day, when I got another pleasant surprise on the show, I had to ask myself whether I had had a stroke.  Was I simply imagining the whole scenario?  It's all beyond my wildest dreams.

Today I did something with Access Hollywood.  They followed me to a voice lesson at Eric's and recorded twenty minutes of unusable banter, like . . .

"La-la-la-la . . ."
"Now, go up the scale, holding your tongue and gesture with your free hand."
"How's this gesture, Bud?"
"Ooooh, what a lovely gesture!  Ev'ry inch a lady."
"Well, enough about you, Eric . . ."

etc, etc, etc..

I have found out my two singing partners for the two-hour opening night and which songs we will sing.  I am so excited, I can't tell ya!  More tomorrow.



22 June 2006

Hi Gang,

I just did the voice of an animated cartoon for Paramount, called Dragonlance.  Obviously it's a fantasy story, with gods and monsters – (no lesbian subtext).  I never felt I nailed animated performance before, so wanted to get a handle on it.

I played a character called "Goldmoon,” a Native American.  We played around with accents awhile.  I didn't know she was Native A till I got there and so didn't have time to research the accent (not many of those where I come from).  More staccato!  More comanding!  More warm!  Less disjointed! . . . Ummm, do you just want me to do Xena?  Ahh, yes!  That's it, do Xena!  The voice is perfect!  So warm, so commanding, so . . . yeah, yeah, let's get on with it.

It was actually really fun.  At last I have done something my kids can actually watch.  My son is gratified that I am not playing a bad guy.  He can't stand me going to BSG every day to be mean to humans.

Oh well, it's a living!


27 May 2006

Hi Y'all, still loving Vancouver.  This is consistently rated one of the most desirable places in Nth America to live and I can see why.  Lots of hiking trails that run steeply up the sides of ski slopes.  At first it's shocking how many housefraus and geriatric Canucks are steaming past you up the Grouse Grind, but you can't help being inspired by their athleticism.  Man, I wanna be like you when I grow up!  The only thing is that they can't help giving you a little dig about stopping to gasp for air at the quarter-way mark, where I'm sure the air is thinnest.  "What's the problem, lazy bones!?"  I tell them my angina's playing up.  I admire them and I hate them at the
same time.

Galactica is running smoothly.  I have come to really love the cast and crew.  I am done here in August and will move off on my next great adventure, whatever that is.  (stay posted).

I have been part of BSG photoshoots for TV Guide and Maxim but don't remember when they are due out: June and Oct respectively(?)

Hope all is great with you,

13 April 2006

Hi, Everybody!

Thank you so much for all your kind thoughts over the last two months.  My beloved Dad is finally on the mend.  Yikes, what a ride. I have been watching The Sopranos go through the same thing only in three hours flat.

I am now in Vancouver where we just started shooting BSG.  Everyone is fresh and excited.  Daisy remarked that they all seem to LOVE their job.  They certainly are deservedly proud of it.  Peabody award, did you hear?

Thanks, everyone.  Ummm, no I am not in Robert Rodriguez' movie.  Zoe Bell is the star of Quentin's next movie and they are considering me to play one of her buddies, which of course would be way too much freakin' fun.  Zoe took me out for my birthday in Auckland with all the stunties and we had such a wonderful time, I can't tell you.  If they did want me for the role, it would be up to BSG whether they could let me go.  I do have a couple of eps off so it could conceivably happen.  But heck, it's in the lap of the gods.

i also went to Vegas for the Maxim event.  The biggest surprrise pairing was Rob and I with Anne Heche and her husband Coley Laffoon.  They are my new favourite people ever!  (Don't tell Eric and Marissa!)  They are so funny, and brave and charming and open.  They told us the story of their love affair, we told them ours.  We ate phenomenal food at Barlotta in the Wynn hotel and danced like fiends at the Maxim party.  It was the first time in 7 years that we went on holiday without the kids.  It was just what the doctor ordered.  And you know I needed a doctor after that cussing spectacle in NZ on the Holmes show.  I think the pressure of pretending in public that everything was just dandy, when it was horrendous, got to me.  I went a bit doo-lally (nuts).  I became totally dis-inhibited.  You guys know that I've never pretended I didn't swear like a sailor, but I usually manage to keep it under wraps a bit better than that.  I actually had no recollection that I said, "there's nothing to do but f**k" three times.  THREE TIMES!  It was supposed to be a joke about the fact that Kalgoorlie had two derelict drive-in cinemas and thirty brothels, but my sick father was not impressed, I can tell you.

On one hand, I think it is good to see how people really are instead of a carefully manicured image.  But, I think it's not kind to subject people to foul language, when they haven't signed up for it.

C'est la bleeding vie!
Or should I say, -- C'est la Guerre!


12 January 2006

I want you guys to know that barring earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes, I’m likely to be doing a 10-episode stint on Battlestar Galactica later this year. I’m not lookiing to guest on other people’s shows per se, but, in this instance, the plot twists and character development proved to be irresistible to me.   It won’t get in the way of my doing other projects, but we’ll keep you up to date as things go along.  



12 December 2005

Lucy's Christmas Message on Starship Foundation Site

To all our very generous supporters,
A very Merry Downunder Christmas to you wherever you are!

In the Northern Hemisphere we are gearing up for the cold while I dream of Xmas ham sandwiches on the beach, under a Pohutukawa tree, brushing sand off my boiled egg and wasps from the homemade ginger beer. Ahhh, tradition!

We want to extend our thanks to all those doctors and nurses who will be on the job this Xmas, making sure the season's cheer and good health are liberally doled out to our precious Starship kids, who by illness or misfortune are not able to spend Christmas at home. The staff at the Starship Children's Health are our greatest asset and we are honoured to serve them.

I've seen some crazy stuff in the last year. I've been from Bangladesh to New Orleans and seen how poverty and neglect destroys the bonds between people. To me the mark of a civilised society is the quality of care between strangers. There will always be vulnerable people in every society, and none more so than our children. When you make a donation to the Starship Foundation you strengthen the invisible bond between strangers, and contribute in a very real way to the health of a child, a family and a nation.

I, and all the board of the Foundation want to express our sincere gratitude for your help in pursuing our goal of first class care for first class children. Our mission will not be accomplished until our Paediatric professionals have the resources they need to provide the kind of care available to children in other first world nations. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. We wish the most joyous Christmas and that the coming year will be your happiest yet.

Very Truly Yours

Lucy Lawless

05 October 2005

The last two days I have been visiting t-shirt wholesalers to find garments I'd be proud to put my name on.  My best friend, Marissa, and daughter, Daisy, came along and gave invaluable advice about what they look for in a tee, given our differing and glorious body types.  Some of the colours I wanted were not available.  Some of the sizes I wanted were not available.  Some samples were just downright nasty and would fall apart en route to your house.  As we're tip-toeing into this, you'll have to forgive the obvious teething troubles of our fledgling fanclub.  I've tried to keep it simple this first time out.  I am creating a logo, which, while it doesn't scream 'Lucy Lawless', nevertheless lets the initiated know -- you're in the club.  At first, only the people who know will know.  By and by, you will see that logo on all sorts of products and projects that are little secrets at the mo.  But when they happen, you will be the first to know and I'll post it here.  These first shirts will be a little primitive but very limited edition!

Read More on Lucy's Site


03 October 2005

Everytime Sam Raimi hassles my husband, Rob Tapert, about loving making television so much I say, "Aww gee, Sam, is there a planet named Superman? I DON'T THINK SO!!!!"

I rang the Mike Brown at Cal Tech today to thank him for this senseless act of beauty.  Fancy naming a planet and her moon after your characters?!  That is just craazy!  Renee was at my house yesterday and Sam too and we were all just in disbelief.  I had heard 'Xena' was the unofficial name, but didn't dare hope it would stick.

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1 October 2005

Hi Gang, yes this is me after all these years. Wanted to keep you abreast of developments, because we all love being abreast, right? After a long time in hibernation, this spy has come in from the cold. I am waking up again. Finally. I've been through many changes in the past 4 years, even through a recent blue-period, post Katrina,  where I questioned whether what I do is of any merit at all. I don't know the answer to that but can only conclude that i don't know how to do anything else.

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5 September 2005

Okay Gang, here it is. It's taken me 10 years to get off my arse and start my own website. My thanks to all the Xena webmasters who carried the flame all this time.

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11 July 2005

Letter from Starship Foundation / Lucy Lawless
July 2005

Thank you for your previous support of Starship, as a much-valued donor to our cause.

I am personally writing to you in the hope you can help us again. Many of our patients struggle to do what most of us take for granted - simply to breathe. Starship urgently needs "VPAP" machines to provide ventilation for children with respiratory disorders. New Zealand unfortunately has the one of highest rates of breathing disorders in the world, so we're trying to do our best to combat this.

VPAP machines provide air through a face mask - a much nicer alternative to tubes inserted down the throat - and can be used both in the ward or at home to support children with chronic breathing problems. Evidence suggests that these wonderful machines actually cut the need for hospital admission or at least lead to fewer days spent in intensive care. The machines cost $US2,900 each - so anything you could give will assist our many patients in need.

By way of an update, after filming Xena I took a few years to have another child and focus on my family. This year I've thrown myself into acting again and loving it. You'll be pleased to know that I'm no longer running from Warlords or Amazons. I'm now running from human-eating bugs, which you may have seen recently in the television movie, Locusts. Most recently, I've been having the time of my life doing musical theatre in the States. I'm happy anywhere I can make people laugh or forget about life for a while.

As for my artistic skills, I hope you like the drawing on this letter. You can further assist Starship by bidding for my original sketch - penned for Starship by yours truly - on ebay from 25 July. Visit www.ebay.com and it's under the Entertainment Memorabilia section - or you can type in a general search using the key words "Lucy Lawless locusts".

Your valued funds will help us address Starship's many priorities. You can donate online at www.starship.org.nz or use the form below and return envelope provided (stamp required). Let's work together in helping these precious children smile again! Thank you so much for being there for us.

Yours sincerely,

Lucy Lawless
Starship Foundation Board Trustee

Donate via web

donate by mail

Lucy Lawless Appeal 2005
Starship Children’s Health
Private Bag 92024
New Zealand



15 June 2005

The following note is from Lucy (via Sharon Delaney) about her appearance on Battlestar Galactica

"This was a chance to work with old friend, David Eick, who was mentored by Rob on Hercules. They actually came to me to be on BG in the beginning, but with two tiny kids, I was not interested in the one-hour lifestyle. Looking forward to playing with the wonderful BG cast, though and visiting my old Vancouver haunts from drama school days."

-- Lucy


11 June 2005

Lucy spoke to her fans at the 2005 Gay Pride Festival and thanked them for being with her and supporting her:

“Babies, I love you and I’ve waited ten years since Xena Warrior Princess to say that if you hadn’t come to me then I just wouldn’t be here, so I love you.”  Read the full report here

2 February 2005

Lucy's Locusts! Update - A note from Lucy about Locusts! (via Sharon Delaney)

Message from Lucy:

"I chose it because it was surprisingly well written and looked like  a lot of fun. The unexpected pleasure was meeting the producers in person. Not only do I feel they know how to turn out a good show, but they will set up the kind of atmosphere where I, and all the crew can do our best work. Also this is the kind of classic family fare that I grew up on. I remember the appointments my family made with 'Fantastic Voyage' and 'The Birds' and 'Triffids', and I'd love to be part of that."


From the producers of "Category 6: Day of Destruction" -- CBS's most watched scripted movie event since May 2000 -- LOCUSTS!, now in pre-production in New Orleans with production to start in mid-February.

LOCUSTS! will air Sunday, April 24 (9:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT), starring  Lucy Lawless ("Xena: Warrior Princess," "Tarzan") in a thriller about a deadly breed of bioengineered locusts that form multiple swarms, covering thousands of square miles, creating a new and unimaginable threat to the United States. Frank von Zerneck, Robert M. Sertner and Jill Tanner ("They Shoot Divas, Don't They?") are the executive producers for von Zerneck/Sertner Films.

Click here for more info about Locusts!




11 March 2004

Lucy's message to the fans of their support for at the 20th Annual Stage Fund Raiser.

"Thanks so much for all your warm thoughts and encouragement.  Everybody needs a little help to get up and perform under pressure so I am going to go out there and channel Xena, the way other people do.  Never tried that before -- not since the end of the show!  It'll be lovely to have in the audience those of you who can make it.  But I'll be receiving all good vibes sent my way.  God Bless,




October 2003

Lucy is on the front page of the new Starship Newsletter and she also did another little drawing and put a note on the donation appeal page urging people to donate to Starship.


October 2002

"I've been wanting to thank all those nice people who care about Kevin and gave money at the convention. I wanted to say that I'm sorry that a place for their money to go wasn't arranged sooner. It was simply that the people who were arranging it were so close to Kevin and needed time to support his wife and family. I want the fans to know they weren't being ignored. I don't want them to feel disrespected. Tell them I'm sorry I haven't sent word. Every day I say I've got to write a letter and I'm just out of words. I know that his wife and children will take a great deal of heart of how much Kevin meant to people out there that they don't even know. It's going to help them through this tough time. Please thank everyone so much for me."
-- Lucy Lawless

The Kevin Smith Trust Fund has now been set up at the Auckland Theatre Company to help Kevin's family.

Donations can be sent to:



17 October 2000

Dear Friends,

My thanks to all of you who have responded so kindly to the issue of child abuse in my country. You are proof positive that love knows no boundaries. We have been heartened by your support. We in New Zealand are in this for the long-haul. Sadly, whatever we manage to achieve with the Safe and Sound Appeal, our efforts come too late for several of our beautiful children whose lives were so brutally cut short in recent months. All we can do to honour them is to prevent further violence against children in our communities. I believe in an individual's, and a nation's, capacity to change; to break cycles and alter what seems like a dire future. What, after all, is the alternative?

Love Lucy

17 January 2000

Time and again you guys have given generously to charities in our names, this time on behalf of Julius. Once again, you find us "gobsmacked" (Kiwi for speechless). I don't know how to thank you. I really don't. I guess I always feel so abundantly blessed in this life that I don't like to receive gifts, particularly as I know that every cent you all spend is money hard earned.

The fact that you have stood by us through thick and thin and tuned in every week for 5 years is greater fidelity than many marriages enjoy. I cannot convey to you how deeply touched Rob and I are by your kindness in raising over $20,000 for charities around the world in the name of our son. Whenever I feel myself on the horns of a moral dilemma, I try to remind myself of a maxim I wish to live by: "spread more Joy."

It helps me choose the right direction even if, in the short term, it seems the least profitable option. This is what you have done. At the risk of seeming repetitious, you inspire me.

God Bless HCNBs*,
Yours truly
Lucy Lawless

*The reference to HCNB in Lucy's letter to the fans stands for Hard Core Nut Ball. Lucy coined this phrase back in 1996.


19 April 1999

Yep, we're having a baby. Which means, just between you and me, that at some stage Xena will have one coz you just can't hide these things forever -- and, no, we don't know the sex in either case.

Bless you all for your best wishes, generosity and support of late. Both Rob and I were greatly touched by the Sword & Staff web page's efforts which raised $5,085 for the International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect -- that's $5,085 they could sure use.

Frankly, just the fact that someone got off their bums and did something to help another human being, unasked, is incredibly inspiring to me. Your support on many matters is greatly appreciated. The collective wisdom is not lost on us. You encourage me greatly.

Thank you. Lots of love,




8 May 1998

Message from Lucy Lawless & Robert Tapert (aka Mr & Mrs Tapert)

To all our fans on the Internet

Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the goodness many of you have shown us over the past few months.

Not only were you supremely protective of our privacy in the lead-up to our wedding, and since, but have given thousands of dollars to the Marine Conservation and Rainforest Protection appeals on our behalf. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving!

Privately we were a little torn between Rainforest and Aids/Cancer charities etc but aside from loving trees we feel that our planet's rainforest, will provide not only panaceas for many diseases but ecologically, is the hope for all mankind. Truly the greatest good for the greatest number.

Thank you so much for your many kindnesses. God Bless.

Lucy Lawless and Rob Tapert

PS. There was no quarrel about marine conservation. Rob loves the sea. Rob wants you to know how particularly grateful he is for your help in keeping our wedding private. We are left in no doubt that you guys helped prevent it from becoming a circus. It was the happiest day of our lives.


22 September 1997

With regard to Donations in Lieu of Flowers, Lucy asked Sharon Delaney to pass this on:

"God bless you all. I’m so thankful to have great fans who care so much for others. I received plenty of flowers the first week, but more than those, I am cheered by all the bouquets I *didn’t* get. I’m having a great time and learning a lot. But never fear, Xena is where my heart is. So I’ll spot you on the box – a great, challenging season ahead and not just for me. Thanks again.

Affectionately yours,


2 September 1997

Message from Lucy Lawless to her fans:

Lucy called Renee from backstage at the theatre at around 1:11 PM EST, just before heading into her final rehearsal before the actual show, and asked if I would post a thank you to all the fans for their massive amount of support.

"Thank you for helping make a dream come true. Your support is very much appreciated. So, wish me luck, I'm off into the big beyond. Thanks, and I'll be giving it all I've got.

Love from Lucy."


21 October 1996 -

After Her Accident on The Tonight Show

"Howdy Doody!

"I can't thank you enough for all your cards, wishes and good vibes which, I swear, helped me make this a speedy convalescence. I'm up and about in a rolly-chair [wheelchair] and crashing about the house with my zimmer frame [walker] taking plaster off the scotia [wookwork] (Unco returns!). Now I'm raring to get back to work. Since watching the last couple of eps on the telly for the first time, I know I can improve a lot this year. It's really got me fired...

..."Anyway, I'm trying to wade through the cards and letters. PLEEEASE DON'T SPEND MONEY ON ME (buying CD's, CD players, etc.). I make a healthy living, though not, as some tee-rag [tabloid] suggested, more than I know what to do with. But I beg you to keep your hard earned cash for yourselves and your families. Thank you, though, for wanting to share so much with me. If anyone's wondering if the show's going soft, you'd better fasten your seatbelts...it's going to be a bumpy night.

"All love, L"


31 July 1996

"To the Hardcore, Diehard Nutballs,

"Thanks so much for your kind sentiments. Providentially, your letters reached me on a very tough day when I needed them. Donna's poem actually brought a wee tear to my eye. I thank Lillian for looking at your letters and obviously weeding out any idiots (I find it hard to believe there weren't any—mind you, there seems to be some tacit code of honor amongst our internetties)...I do not often go out on the net unless my partner forces me to sit down for 2 seconds, but I am often charmed when I do. I have passed a copy of your letters on to Renee, who got a great kick out of them and sends her love.

"I am busy filming these days—currently we're shooting the 2nd Callisto ep which is a blast and then we begin the 3rd Callisto involving mind transfer. In one month, I come to the States for one week's publicity, then off to Europe for a holiday. Yipee!

"Love, Lucy Lawless / Xena Warrior Princess / New Zealand / July '96

March 31, 1996:

"Thanks very much you guys for your letters and best wishes, especially all you hard core nutballs who've been around since the dawn of time. I'm afraid I can't write back personally to anyone, but I do get your notes eventually and I am personally going to demand my own furking Pez dispenser when I'm a star and my own Winnebago (which is kind of a joke where I come from - like "I'm ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille"). I am especially fond of our internet troll who, despite being an egomaniacal misogynist, serves to keep my feet firmly on the ground. So don't get your knickers in a twist over negative comments, okay?

"I've just finished the single most intensive and fulfilling week's filming of my career. The episode is "Is There a Doctor?" and I dedicate my efforts in it to all you regular Xenites—with special thanks to Renee O'Connor, my brilliant acting mate and a truly amazing woman, as well as T.J. Scott, our marvelous director whose star is going to go supernova in feature films before too long.


"P.S. —I am having a terrific birthday, thank you all, and I can honestly say I have never been happier in my life."