Lucy Lawless Sings Swing
New Zealand of the Year Gala Dinner

16 February 2012,   Auckland, New Zealand

Video Taken by Jo
Editing & Images by MaryD


Lucy dazzles in the mist

Report by AUSXIP Reporter Jo

Taking my seat at the gala awards dinner & reading the programme in front of me, the words "Special Guest with the Tuxedo Swing Band" stand out -  hmm, maybe there's been a change of plans here?  The time approaches, the Band plays a couple of numbers on their own, during which a vintage mic is set up centre stage.  Ok, this is looking promising.  Mumbling around me, isn't this supposed to be Xena? :-)  A break in the music, a blast of mist covers the stage and as if from out of nowhere Lucy enters from stage left, wearing the golden shimmering dress she wore for Celebrity Duets with Dionne Warwick.  

Simply Stunning!  Slight sound glitches aside, she's in great voice, knockin 'em dead with a couple of songs, the first of which I didn't know (but will find the title), the second one being My Baby Just Cares For Me.  

And then she was gone, after 2 songs :-(   Only for our main hosts for the evening to proceed to tell us that Lucy would return again later in the evening.   When was not clear.  The final award was presented, the evening was done and people started to stand up & leave.  Another blast of mist and Lucy was very quickly back on stage for another song (title unknown again, I really should swot up on swing music).  After which she wished us Good Night.  

Which was cue for this AUSXIP reporter to go join the other guests all waiting on a taxi home.  

What a stunning evening!



Song #1 - Satin Doll


Song #2 - My Baby Just Cares For Me



Song #3 Only A Paper Moon

Last song of the evening as the event ended