Lucy Live in London

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Doors open 7pm
Showtime 8pm


Song List:

I Was Made for Loving You
When Doves Cry
LIke the way I do
Total Eclipse of the Heart
We Belong to the Night

and some more to follow...




3 - 4 May 2008

Concert #2

Round Two: Lawless giving it all to London

"Intermission, intermission. Can I please have an intermission?"

Good Lord! (...Last time I wrote "Holy Mama". Missus L seems to get me all religious suddenly. But I guess there are less rewarding acts than worshipping a goddess.)


Do you remember the Ally McBeal episode, in which Sting gets sued for wrecking a marriage because the complainant thought the Rock star was singing a love song only to her? "He looked at me!" Careful, girl, careful what you wish for.

I was really curious to what extent last night's show would be different from Saturday's. And to what extent my little heart would outlive the whole experience. This time I was lucky when I was unintentionally pushed forward in the queue, though it didn't really help with finding a good spot to stand. The room was not overcrowded but it seemed that everybody wanted to get as close as possible to the stage. Who could blame them/us? Anyway, it was fun again to watch the people in the seating area rush forward and fighting for the best places. I'm sorry, but I have to state that again: Is it just me or is it truely weird to sit at a rock concert? Hellooo, it's not Don Giovanni (And I know people who would like to shake their booties even at THOSE events...) where you are in danger of falling asleep [;-) Don't hit me, Ms.E!]


I didn't really mind the people sitting last night, there were enough other guys, especially from Italy and Spain and myself *cough* who counterbalanced that by dancing. An English girl told me it was probably the general English primness that hindered other people to do the same. Hey, London is one of the birthplaces of Punk rock! I was a bit pissed off though by all the cameras and mobile phone flashlights. It's a bit weird when all you see is Lucy Lawless on the screens of other people's gadgets. And I wondered what actually she did see. A static middle surrounded by frenzy movement, all holding up cameras? A bit like at the zoo...


However, she's professional enough to play with all of that. And I got the feeling she really grew into enjoying the event over those 80 minutes. You could see she was nervous as hell, too, but after a while you understand the slight tremble as a result of the exertion. And no wonder, she really had it down pat. Rocking and dancing and jumping and touching and swaying her hips, well, not only her hips to be precise. After her Saturday's choice of clothes [Frak me!] you'd think it couldn't get any better. But it did. Please allow for exhibit A: THE chemise or shimmy or whatever you want to call it. I dubbed it "the tease".

There are some debates on the internet right now, if a 40 year old woman should wear stuff like that. I say, hell yes, a 40 year old rock lady [trying to avoid the "chick" here...] is obligated to wear that, especially because it doesn't look zealous in any way. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.


To be honest, sometimes it got a bit too hot even for me; especially when you catch yourself staring at ... her and realize you haven't blinked in two minutes. But there's always her voice that carries you through those moments and with rich and sometimes rasp tones she reminds you why you're there. Her stage presence is so overwhelming that from time to time you have these butterflies in your stomach and even Ally McBeal could not advise you against it.


So apart from my all-time favourite "Losing My Religion" [Goddess, where are you now?] I really enjoyed "I Was Made For Lovin' You" (by Kiss). Who knew she could pull off a hard rock song like that! And I have to concede that she made even "Bitch" (by Meredith Brooks) listenable for me again. Way to go!


On a sad side note, I have the feeling that there won't be any DVD accompanying this event. Someone told me, they were not going to record it. Shoot! So, all I have is my memory. Do you know, when sometimes after really great sex people get depressed? .... I need a cigarette now.