Lucy Live in London

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Doors open 7pm
Showtime 8pm


Song List:

I Was Made for Loving You
When Doves Cry
LIke the way I do
Total Eclipse of the Heart
We Belong to the Night

and some more to follow...




3 - 4 May 2008

Concert #1

FRAK ME! Lucy Lawless BUTTing in London...

by Rykoe 

"Waiter, can I have a piece of that?!"

Holy Mama. Not really knowing what would await me at a Lucy Lawless concert and only having seen the already hot DVDs of her former gigs, I braced myself and went to the Carling Academy last night. And alone, because nobody reacted to my question to accompany me. Hm, never mind! So, lots of small groups were waiting in the queue, surely coming back from their day at the convention. Lining up took about an hour, in which the people who had to collect their tickets first (because they were not sent to them) drew the short straw. I don't get it; if you ordered your tickets 3 months ahead (as I did) why is it not possible to ship them abroad? I would even pay a shipping fee. Or is shipping tickets form the US to Europe really more insecure than shipping it from L.A. to New York, let's say?


However, after an hour I was in the Academy - and I was favourably surprised. I expected some dingy little club where you can hardly breathe but it was in fact rather spacious and with good viewing options it seemed. The weird thing was the seating area in the middle. Okay, there are probably people who are not able to stand for a long period of time (or not at all), but usually there's some nice place with good views reserved for them. But all those people sitting in neatly organised rows, looking up at the stage... I got the feeling that it somehow absorbed lots of the energy in the room. Anyway, I was standing near a group of flipped out French girls and we were having fun. Across the room I could see some other people who at least tried to dance (in the given space) or react to the actual music and singing that is. I think most people were occupied with standing still or standing still and taking pictures. And well, there were lots of very interesting things to take pictures of! Basically every part of Lucy Lawless' body. And what a body it is! Gosh, you just have to look at it even if you don't want to (but who doesn't want to...). The moment she stepped on the stage and did a little half-twist I thought my heart skipped a beat, literally. This was one of the moments when I realise that I'm actually rather shy. While all the whistling and squealing from the audience started, I blushed first of all. She was wearing one of her beloved chaps but underneath only fishnet tights and a black panty. And it's all about the way you move, right? And, mama, did she move!


LL was singing a whole new set of songs (except maybe for two or three of her "classics") and they were all wonderfully arranged. Very European, ;-) .

I especially liked her versions of R.E.M.'s "Losing My Religion" and Garbage's "Shut Your Mouth". Extremely  inciting were songs like "Gloria" (originally by Patti Smith) and "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" (by Jet) and Lawless' accompanying ..., let's say, bodily interpretations. She's got a really good voice for that sort of thing; a genuine rock belter. And on top of that she's a downright funny and straightforward entertainer on the stage. She's gotten the audience wrapped around her finger with some witty remarks and just her overall presence. For my part, I love it when she now and then misses a cue and the whole perfectness gets a little crack. The most jocular moment was probably when she liftet her shirt and belt in the middle of a song and showed us the back of her panty: written in bold red letters were the words "FRAK ME".

*sigh* Your wish is my command. *sigh*