Lucy Live in London

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Doors open 7pm
Showtime 8pm


Song List:

I Was Made for Loving You
When Doves Cry
LIke the way I do
Total Eclipse of the Heart
We Belong to the Night

and some more to follow...




3 - 4 May 2008

Report - Concert #1
by KT

Well. I’m sure there are already a number of pictures out there of the
outfit that Lucy’s body played peek-a-boo through with us.

But I shall describe it anyway.

First-let us set the scene.

The band comes out, walking up a couple of steps and coming onto the stage from stage left. They pick up their instruments. Joe LoDuca is playing guitar; there are two other guitar players, one keyboardist, one drummer (oddly enough) and one back up singer. They settle themselves and start playing. If I remember correctly, Adam from Creation introduces Lucy.

There is of course wild cheers and applause and short bleats of trumpet like hoots being tossed around the room as we catch sight of Lucy’s head as she walks up those little steps. Then we see all of her.

She strode out onstage wearing black leather chaps over fishnet stockings. Under the chaps she had on a…well it was like the bottom part of a little girl’s two piece bathing suit. And it was about the same little size as a little girl's two piece bathing suit bottom. It was also black. Her chaps flared out at the bottom and covered most of her feet, but I could see the front part of open-toed clear sandals. And on top of it all, she had on a black tank top.

I swear that for a nano-second, as different sections of the audience got a view of the whole of her little ensemble, there was a stunned faltering in the wild clapping and yelling appreciation that had been happily happening all over the room,. You know how in Miss Amphipolis, Gabrielle is applauding for Xena and then sees the surprising visual of Miss Artifice lip-locking Xena and she suddenly falters in her applauding for a second...and then takes it up again? Well, magnify that sudden physical stutter of surprise by a few hundred people and that’s what happened last
night. Except that we were WAY more enthusiastically re-applauding than
Gabrielle had been. It was like when The Wave travels through a crowd, except that it was aural rather than visual.

You could also just make out sharp little intakes of breath which, row by row was sucking all the oxygen out of the atmosphere. This nano second of intake both mental and physical was followed by a most gigantic, raucous jubilation of delight and VAST appreciation.

It was a classic example of the fulfillment of the prediction of, as we used to say in the old neighborhood, “Wait’ll they get a load of this!”

Lots of amazed though very pleased sounds buzzing all over the room, stunned silence in some areas, roars of appreciation, barks of delighted laughter, incredulous head shaking and high beam smiles.

Lucy gave us her own huge smile back.

Oh-yeah-she also sang. And it was part of the way through about the second or third song that Lucy suddenly turned sideways-at which point those of us on the left-the lucky left, as some would have it-could see that the little girl’s bathing suit bottom only covered about half of her cheeks.
The top half of course.

Lucy slinked about the stage (“slunk” is not quite as appropriate for the actions Lucy was using) and ultimately turned right around and shook her half-covered booty right in our faces. And, just before she went off stage at the “fake” end of the concert, she stopped as she walked away towards the little staircase at the back of the stage and bent over, to be sure we all got a good look at it.

And I would have to say that it was one of the most luscious 40 year old asses that I personally have ever had shook in my face.

Let’s see if I can remember any songs. “Total Eclipse Of The Heart”, “Like The Way I Love you”, “I Touch Myself”, "G.L.O.R.I.A", “Hallelujah” And others.

She played around with the audience, joking with us as she always does. She read some fan questions off index cards and answered a few of them. On one card a person had written that it was her birthday and she requested that Lucy sing “Happy Birthday” to her. Lucy looked up and said “No”. Then a bit later she went back to it and asked if the woman was in the room. Someone said “No”, so Luce said, “Well bugger her then.” Later it came out that the woman had indeed been there the whole time. Lucy yelled at the other woman who had said she wasn’t there because, “You made me say ‘Bugger her’ right in front of her!”

She made a few political comments as she often does. She mentioned that she lives in America and then made the comment, “How did our oil end up under their desert?” She also mentioned the London Mayor election results in which people from London and the London papers were saying that a genial right-wing doofus had beat out the labour incumbent. Lucy asked the audience how it felt about that. I didn’t particularly hear any answers from where I sat. Luce said that she’d heard he was a buffoon. She said that she’d heard old Italians saying that, “And if anyone knows about
buffoons, it’s Italians.”

She informed us that her clothing was “standard issue Battlestar Galactica”. And when we laughed, she very seriously assured us it was so. And then later at one point she proved it to us by turning around and lifting up the hem of her tank top to reveal the words emblazoned across the left butt side of her little undies, the euphemistic “Frak me”.

There was somewhat more audience participation than usual. A few folks who considered themselves very witty kept yelling dumb comments out to her. At
times some fans would yelp out, “We love you Lucy!” This was interspersed
with cries of “Bellisima!” from a contingent of Italians. At one point when folks were yelling out their appreciation, Lucy put on one of her goofy voices and making what may have been a version of gang hand signals, sneered out, “Yeah, yeah-Queen Lucy. (Pause.) Don’t tell Elizabeth.” She made another reference to the queen later, calling her “Lillibet”.

It was a very rock and roll night and a very sexually charged one. And since we’re in England, we can also multi-load our phrases and call this a very cheeky performance.

I always love looking at the faces looking up at Lucy on the stage. There were some really great faces tonight. Lots of folks wearing their hearts on their sleeves or actually, wearing their hearts on their faces. The affection and delight and in some cases the absolute adoration on some of the faces is always an entrancing thing to see. There is a great deal of absolute joy in the people seeing Lucy in concert.

The time went way too fast. There is a curfew at 10:00 p.m for the club. A London person said that it was because it’s in a residential area, so they have to stop the music at 10:00.

Back to the hotel-everyone whom I heard talking in the various bars and who decided to make a declaration and who had been to other Lucy shows, declares this the best ever concert. At the dessert party later, many more people are saying the same thing. When I walked into the dessert party, two different people informed me that my friend Ed, Ed of the imperiled-by-Lucy-heart, had almost bought the farm tonight. Snort. Like most people didn’t….

There are of course many new folks who have never seen Lucy perform live before. They seemed to enjoy it also.

More tomorrow.

I ALWAYS get a report in the night of the first concert. And indeed, I wrote this last night. BUT-I refuse to pay $30 for 24 hours of internet connection in my hotel room and at 3:00 a.m. I didn't feel like cruising down the street to the local internet cafe. Besides, doesn't anticipation just whet the appetite? Or is that Battlestar Galactica Official "togs" (as my English speaking buds might say) that does that?