Troskompas TV Guide

(number 33, 17 - 23 August 2002)a

Translation by Petra de Jong
Many thanks to Petra de Jong for the translation and scan

Xena, the deadly appearance of Lucy Lawless

troskompas33.jpg (377543 bytes)Every workday, right after 6 o'clock, the princess Xena, who lives in Ancient Greece, fights injustice. In six years she conquered hearts of men and women all over the world. But soon Xena will be a real legend: the show is in its last season.

From 1995 to 2001 Lucy Lawless (34) played the brave Xena, who didn't have
any other goal than to clear her conscience of all the murders she commited
as bloodthirsty warrior in ancient Greece. While they are currently showing
the last season of the feminist superheroine and her female partner
Gabrielle in Holland, Lucy has already turned in her corset. Time to look

Is there life after Xena?

"Life? Every day is a vacation! No more cardio training, no more martial arts training! I'm playing with my kids the whole day. It is nice to be finally able to do that without looking at my watch every minute."

What is the first thing you did after the last day of filming?
"Painting my hair in my own colour. Xena had to have a hard appearance, but I myself am much lighter. I hope I'll have to change my hair completely for my next role. Maybe shave it all off."

Which episodes did you have fun doing?
"The episodes with Kevin Smith (he played her old flame Ares, the god of war - ed) and the funny moments. Xena could be very serious so I always loved it when I could play the harem lady or the dumb blonde. Also, the timing of jokes suits me much better than those serious glares."

What do you think about the fact that the show was a hit among lesbians, because of the special bond between Xena and her friend Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor)?
"I've never had any problems with our lesbian audience. I'd like to thank them because they probably were the first to pick up on Xena. The fun part about her relationship with Gabrielle was that it was playing a part but that it never became entirely clear. That kept it exciting. One's sexuality is just a small part of who you are. It never played a big part for me, if the roles were straight or gay."

Did you pass a milestone yourself during those six years of Xena?
"During one of the eps I was lying on the ground. It was really cold outside and I pretended to be half dead or drugged. It was all horrible and I knew that I had to take a big step in my life, to break free from the circle of work and stress. At that moment I found out that I desperately wanted another child. It's a blessing that it worked out that way: my life has become so much richer."

With what Xena quote do you want to be remembered?
"Treat everybody the same until you find out you're dealing with an idiot."

Short course Xena-ology
- Xena played a guest role in Hercules in 1995 and was so popular that she
got her own show 6 weeks later
- Her nickname is Unco, short for uncoordinated
- Lucy worked in a goldmine and became Miss New Zealand in 1986
- Daughter Daisy is from her first marriage, with Garth Lawless, whose juicy
last name she wisely kept (her real name is Lucille Ryan)
- From her second husband Robert Tapert she got son Julius in 1999 and son
Judah in 2002