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Lucy Lawless breastfeeding Judah

16 August 2002

SpLucyAug2002.jpg (137633 bytes)Translation:

Xena, in her best role.
Actress involved with causes concerning women, led, two years ago, a campaign for the fight against breast cancer,Lucy Lawless has so declared in a statement describing the benefits that she advocates <to breastfeed straight after childbirth.>

The actress is seen with her third child,three months old ,Judah Miro, who is the second child by her marriage to the producer Robert Tapert, above a sentence that says;<Breast feeding, my best role ever.> After ending her work filming Xena, Lucy filmed a couple of episodes of the eighth Season of the XFiles ,in which she played the role of a murderess. Afterwards,she did some stage-theatre work in her native New-Zealand, and also acted in a cinema film. Right now,she is taking care of her children.

The bit on the top right:
Lucy,with her third child, three months old,in a picture as hardly envisaged for her fearsome Warrior Princess image.

The bit at the bottom,by the smaller picture:
Lucy achieved fame with Xena,a mythological heroine.