Many thanks to Zoe for the scan

Expresso Newspaper

May 2002

Translated by MaryD

xwp-esspresso.jpg (125185 bytes)The Sexy Warrior

A few days after the Russian leaves and in particular on the 8th July, Lucy Lawless will arrive in the country.

Who is she? Maybe her name doesn't remind you of anyone but she is Xena, the Warrior Princess. The reason she will be in Greece will be for a large musical event which she will take part.

As we have learnt, of course, in regards to the festival, a lot of celebrities will arrive to our country. Amongst them will be the Warrior Xena who is packing her bags for Greece.

She may come as a result of the musical event but she won't leave just yet. She has decided to stay on and visit the Aegean Islands.

Her scheduled arrival isn't known yet or when her vacation will occur. She is preparing for some exciting time. She probably has heard about the beautiful islands and she is looking forward to enjoying the hot sun, the beautiful seaside and of course the Greek cuisine.


This is regarding that Greek newspaper article that I translated which said that Lucy was going to be in Greece in July. Sharon Delaney has confirmed that this isn't correct. Lucy won't be in Greece (sorry to all those Greek Xenites who were hoping to have a peak at the Flawless One).

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