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JUNE  2012

you think they tell me anything?! “@WarrriorXena: @RealLucyLawless Why do you think Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorced?”

(30 June 2012 7:53 AM, PDT )

did they? “@WarrriorXena: @RealLucyLawless Why do you think Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorced?”

(30 June 2012 7:52 AM, PDT )

Probably under the bed. “@TrudiMaree: @RealLucyLawless Lucy, where's your stalker at??

(30 June 2012 7:51 AM, PDT )

@adi_15 @floor_vz Holy cow, that's right! Apologies!

(30 June 2012 7:50 AM, PDT )

@Rainbow_JL what do you mean? You can't get tweets I do from my phone?

(30 June 2012 7:48 AM, PDT )

he luv a gud whoopin'! “@MitchyStylez: @RealLucyLawless @GroovyBruce @PDXKass lol, I guess Bruce doesn't miss any ass whoopin' from Lucy

(30 June 2012 7:44 AM, PDT )

Go to your local #greenpeace website and see what. Thanks!“@LucieHrebekova: @RealLucyLawless How can I help more #savethearctic.

(30 June 2012 7:43 AM, PDT )

Ideas are transmitted faster in a small environment? “@CathWelling: @RealLucyLawless Nice. NZers seem much more environmentally aware. Why?”

(30 June 2012 7:41 AM, PDT )

@Floor_vz The Neatherlands was always a bastion of tolerance and free thought. Am reading about Spinoza. Fascinating!

(30 June 2012 7:39 AM, PDT )

@dramaaddict Got no interest in the naughty words. As I said to them, "What am I, twelve?!"

(30 June 2012 7:16 AM, PDT )

@raymondillo The cheese spread

(30 June 2012 7:04 AM, PDT )

I lives in the skin I'm in. “@Only1Lucy: @reallucylawless hey where u lives?”

(30 June 2012 7:02 AM, PDT )

Guardian article about why I dunnit!

(30 June 2012 6:56 AM, PDT )

@DrawingsNDreams Might come do a show with some of the kids from GP Philippines. Sounds like an amazing place!

(30 June 2012 6:47 AM, PDT )

@jcroft_web I wish I spoke Spanish. I have a little from living in California but not like Castilian.

(30 June 2012 6:43 AM, PDT )

“@Malutata: @RealLucyLawless The people of Amazonia, also is signing on campaign to save the Arctic” Marvellous!

(30 June 2012 6:40 AM, PDT )

@OliviaLassance @melissaschocair For cryin out loud, if you don't know how to find someone's reps, then you're not a serious contender.

(30 June 2012 6:39 AM, PDT )

Yes, I do know about 'Be Here Now'. We were early supporters. It will be very touching. I'm sure Andy would want it to be uplifting as well.

(30 June 2012 6:36 AM, PDT )

we have a mutual friend but I haven't met her. She sounds very nice, actually. “@Nicky_Puppy: Have u ever met Katy Perry? Do u like her? :D”

(30 June 2012 6:33 AM, PDT )

Beija me. “@Malutata: @RealLucyLawless Lucy responda minha pergunta,Hello Lucy which word you learned in Portuguese?”

(30 June 2012 6:30 AM, PDT )

@madeleinesami @shaggykdm I didn't think it sounded like you.

(29 June 2012 10:49 AM, PDT )

yes, I have been seriously considering it “@haas_valerie: never plan to present the news? U R the 1stchoice in France.”

(29 June 2012 10:48 AM, PDT )

Dot Matrix “@Ebonynini: Wats ur alter egos name? @RealLucyLawless”

(29 June 2012 10:00 AM, PDT )

You could probably kill without one. “@SusyLoveLucy: @RealLucyLawless If I buy a chakram, can I kill?”

(29 June 2012 9:59 AM, PDT )

more driven “@aledjones_gsi: @RealLucyLawless are you more optimistic or pesimistic post Rio??”

(29 June 2012 9:59 AM, PDT )

Always and everywhere “@goalyamy: @RealLucyLawless wow looks like you are hav ing a good time!”

(29 June 2012 9:53 AM, PDT )

most of the time “@peekaboobies20: @RealLucyLawless u r very silly”

(29 June 2012 9:53 AM, PDT )

Favela Chapeu Mangueira and Babilonia

(29 June 2012 7:45 AM, PDT )

@KAibazova Hi! No I am not but try to have meatless days most weeks.

(29 June 2012 7:39 AM, PDT )

Gorgeous! As #michaelorland would say, "You're A-door-bell! @melissaschocair

(29 June 2012 7:38 AM, PDT )

@RashellAkaRo @leemanhattann25 Ha!

(29 June 2012 7:37 AM, PDT )

OMG . Too funny! “@AliBaliTod: @RealLucyLawless Explains a lot.”

(29 June 2012 7:36 AM, PDT )

that punkass little stalker who follows me like a bad smell?! I loooaathe him! “@szalka: @RealLucyLawless @FedericaITA”

(29 June 2012 7:34 AM, PDT )

I'll roll over and ask her. “@LeeManhattann25: @RealLucyLawless Good morning from NYC! How is Super Woman today? :D”

(29 June 2012 7:31 AM, PDT )

RT @kuminaidoo: The Australian govt. must urgently listen to @UNESCO's call to protect the Great Barrier Reef. Pls sign & share: htt

(29 June 2012 7:30 AM, PDT )

Don't do it, you bully! “@madeleinesami: I wonder if ants/baby spiders know when a flick by a humans finger is imminent??”

(29 June 2012 7:29 AM, PDT )

RT @MarissaJWinokur: Thursday June 28

(29 June 2012 7:27 AM, PDT )

Mariss is my best friend! “@PiaGlenn:@WendyWilliams show was so wonderful. @MarissaJWinokur gave great couch & there was so much honesty!

(29 June 2012 7:17 AM, PDT )

RT @billmckibben: More amazing reporting on tarsands oil spill--you really don't want one of these pipelines anywhere near you http://t.

(29 June 2012 7:11 AM, PDT )

@SusyLoveLucy sweet! Xox

(29 June 2012 7:08 AM, PDT )

RIO+20 not a total failure. Getting the Oceans on the UN drawing board for Sept is fantastic. “@kmamaj: Some say Rio+20 was a failure?

(28 June 2012 12:31 PM, PDT )

@PunkLuke @liam_j_mcintyre Brendan, I can't be your bitch. They'll lose all respect.

(28 June 2012 12:28 PM, PDT )

@bensoncabot82 @angie_harmon @marchstephanie @sashaalexander1 Viel Glueck!

(28 June 2012 12:21 PM, PDT )

Don't forget, children are allowed to sign the #savethearctic scroll. They get a vote in protecting their planet. Show our govt's we care!

(28 June 2012 12:20 PM, PDT )

Hello Philippines! I invite all my friends and fans to come sign up to #savethearctic Sign the scroll. Let's protect our kids' future.

(28 June 2012 12:19 PM, PDT )

@swansteel I hear you

(26 June 2012 2:01 AM, PDT )

@HeatherSpurlin @anitalago24 um, no, don't be offended. Common in my country.

(26 June 2012 2:01 AM, PDT )

how many per day? “@MarkL09: @RealLucyLawless I'm up to 75.5K in my tweet count!!! :-/”

(26 June 2012 1:42 AM, PDT )

@Weeeilll @bonzotmonkey @partywill Dont bite, Will. It's just Bonzo.

(26 June 2012 1:40 AM, PDT )

@Weeeilll @bonzotmonkey @partywill Busted!

(26 June 2012 1:39 AM, PDT )

@HeatherSpurlin You do what you to need to, girly.

(26 June 2012 1:36 AM, PDT )

you cannot be serious. I thought 25G was possible“@AndreaKoeln: I guess I shouldn't tell LL that I have more than 63.000 tweets.”

(26 June 2012 1:30 AM, PDT )

yeah, but he drove those nails in sweeeet. “@Gagasgrrl: @RealLucyLawless @TheBozDog A great guy who happened to crucify u at least twice!!”

(26 June 2012 1:28 AM, PDT )

@partywill @lubikcarter omg. I think I love you. Wedding's off, Phil. There's a new cowboy in town.

(26 June 2012 1:27 AM, PDT )

@Weeeilll @partywill Where are you guys?

(26 June 2012 1:25 AM, PDT )

RT @Weeeilll: @RealLucyLawless @partywill holy shit lol shes really a bitch lol now that threw me for a loop!

(26 June 2012 1:23 AM, PDT )

@partywill @weeeilll omg, you're all The same person!

(26 June 2012 1:23 AM, PDT )

@Maoristyles_ Well, Karl is a great guy. Sorry that offends you.

(26 June 2012 1:22 AM, PDT )

@partywill Waaaaaah! Waaaaaaah!!

(26 June 2012 1:19 AM, PDT )

“@TheBozDog: @RealLucyLawless Hey Lucy, whadda know about Karl Urban? Haven't seen Karl in a while but I really love him. A great guy.

(26 June 2012 1:15 AM, PDT )

@partywill But is that a true number? Surely not possible.

(26 June 2012 1:14 AM, PDT )

@ilovellforever Goshdarn, it's like lookin' in a mirror.

(26 June 2012 1:11 AM, PDT )

@keeva99 you're in.

(26 June 2012 1:08 AM, PDT )

no “@1Viperbabe: @RealLucyLawless Do you feel you're in better shape now than when you were on XWP?”

(26 June 2012 1:08 AM, PDT )

willi, I see u have done more that 25,000 tweets. Get a life, Bro! @partywill

(26 June 2012 1:07 AM, PDT )

okay, kill the scat talk. It's so five minutes ago “@BonzoTMonkey: @RealLucyLawless I read in Congressional Quarterly that the CIA obtained

(24 June 2012 5:22 AM, PDT )

@BonzoTMonkey Gosh darn, you're a nut. I'd ask for a photo but I'd rather think of you as a monkey.

(24 June 2012 5:20 AM, PDT )

@BonzoTMonkey It's a prima facie case. Besides, they got pix.

(24 June 2012 5:16 AM, PDT )

sure, they've got nothing more important to do, I guess. @BonzoTMonkey

(24 June 2012 5:14 AM, PDT )

Don't forget, our children can sign the #savethearctic scroll. The destruction of the N Pole, affects them most. Kids get a vote!

(24 June 2012 5:12 AM, PDT )

true? “@StillLore: @RealLucyLawless On that Simpsons in Spain they translated your name as "Lucy Sin Ley" (literally "Lucy without law")”

(24 June 2012 5:11 AM, PDT )

If ya don't poo, ya die “@BonzoTMonkey: @RealLucyLawless Everybody poos Lucy! I know you do cuz I read it in the Enquirer.”

(24 June 2012 5:10 AM, PDT )

Omg, I gotta go. I feel a bad rogue session coming on!

(24 June 2012 5:05 AM, PDT )

you do. Then you won't be such a widdle baby “@SimonaIori: @reallucylawless Sorry, but what does "poo?"”

(24 June 2012 5:04 AM, PDT )

@fuzzypegg Diddlyfuzzypeg, ur giving me nuthin' to work with. When aomething's not working, Try something else.

(24 June 2012 5:03 AM, PDT )

yeah, it's carbon neutral. “@ChalkyDaBear: @RealLucyLawless can you really fly? Like in the Simpsons”

(24 June 2012 4:58 AM, PDT )

Divine Greeks, please sign on to #savethearctic, the world's air conditioner. Children welcome. The future is theirs afterall. @mdim69

(24 June 2012 4:58 AM, PDT )

@RenKvalcanteRC @greenpeace_esp Oh, fantastic! Good one.

(24 June 2012 4:53 AM, PDT )

would I kick ur bloated carcass outta bed? U bet! @BloatedCarcass

(24 June 2012 4:52 AM, PDT )

“@RenKvalcanteRC: @RealLucyLawless what do you think of their Brazilian xenites??” So gorgeous. Wore their necklaces all yesterday

(24 June 2012 4:49 AM, PDT )

“@RealLucyLawlass: please tweeting me lucy,I'm is parody and as fans from you :)) :)” No, ur badgering me. I call you Badger

(24 June 2012 4:48 AM, PDT )

@SimonaIori Having a tanty? Maybe you just need a nice poo.

(24 June 2012 4:46 AM, PDT )

I look like death. I don't want you to see. sleep on beach today “@21Tali: @RealLucyLawless Post pictures of you here in Brazil!!!! xoxo”

(24 June 2012 4:45 AM, PDT )

Darling Italiani, I invite you+your bambini to sign the scroll at #savethearctic for a safer future “@ACC_: I am ur beautiful Italian mate

(24 June 2012 4:43 AM, PDT )

On Ya, Hobbit. “@JKehl_Hobbit: @RealLucyLawless The KA crazy bitches have done so already & r spreading the word!!!”

(24 June 2012 4:39 AM, PDT )

Beautiful kids down Rainbow Warrior III dock last night. Thanks for coming. Great to meet you!

(23 June 2012 3:02 AM, PDT )

what's subtext? I not know this is “@kat4lucy: @RealLucyLawless Hi gorgeous. Have you ever read any subtext about Xena and Gabrielle?”

(22 June 2012 6:52 AM, PDT )

not yet. Soon. Got interviews today. Shocking jet lag “@DaiihOliveira: @RealLucyLawless - Lucy, you have visited the Rainbow Warrior?”

(22 June 2012 6:50 AM, PDT )


@skeeter10 Me neither, Skeeter. But the pain of change now is going to so much less than the pain of change later. #savethearctic

(22 June 2012 6:18 AM, PDT )

@Zlati31 of course!

(22 June 2012 6:03 AM, PDT )

@myheadpirouette That's not Relevant in our case.

(22 June 2012 6:02 AM, PDT )

lot of long faces here at Rio+20 about thelack of political will re. Climate Change“@skeeter10: @RealLucyLawless Take back our governments?”

(22 June 2012 6:00 AM, PDT )

If we catch a wave of awareness with the kids, we can #savethearctic, save ourselves and maybe take back our governments in the process

(22 June 2012 5:53 AM, PDT )

So proud of all the kids who want to #savethearctic from Polluters and Climate change profiteers. #savethearctic

(22 June 2012 5:40 AM, PDT )

One Direction tweeted crashed the #savethearctic site God bless 'em! It'll be up and running soon. Please keep trying to sign the scroll.xox

(22 June 2012 5:35 AM, PDT )

I'm here now. Show me! “@LeeManhattann25: @RealLucyLawless You should take a trip there during Carnival! I hear its a sight to see!”

(21 June 2012 6:59 PM, PDT )

Tens uns olhos lindos! “@xorandosangue: @RealLucyLawless have you learned some words in portuguese? what?”

(21 June 2012 6:57 PM, PDT )

Brazil, I could not love you more. You celebrate life!

(21 June 2012 6:50 PM, PDT )

Come sign th scroll to declare the High Arctic (uninhabited area around the N Pole) a Global Sanctuary for all Mankind.

(21 June 2012 6:38 PM, PDT )

We are getting hammered by Brazilian hospitality! These caipirinhas are lethal!

(21 June 2012 6:27 PM, PDT )

Hi, Brazil!! Come down 2the Rainbow Warrior III tomorrow, Pier Mava in Rio de Janiero and sign the Zero Deforestation Petition! See U there!

(21 June 2012 6:23 PM, PDT )

I Go to Rio!

(19 June 2012 2:00 PM, PDT )

My Baby just smiled at me. And you know what that means!

(19 June 2012 12:48 AM, PDT )

Don't you hate how smart text makes you look like an idiot sometimes? Gawd, if u don't check every little thing, you can misquote yourself.

(18 June 2012 2:29 PM, PDT )

you have no idea. “@Jess_xwp: @RealLucyLawless Oh my God, you do not get tired of being beautiful? hahahaha Love you, Lucy!”

(18 June 2012 2:27 PM, PDT )

@HeatherSpurlin Good girl. Proud of ya.

(18 June 2012 2:26 PM, PDT )

And the US Marine Corps Pacific band was on fire. They are heading to Christchurch to entertain the good folks of that quake shattered city.

(18 June 2012 2:24 PM, PDT )

Hanging with my hommies at the US Ambassador' swingin' party last night. David Huebner (Ambasador) is a wonderful man!

(18 June 2012 2:21 PM, PDT )

give the punters what they want. “@RichardEDavies: @RealLucyLawless Your election speech will include "AI-AI-AI-AI-AI!" I am assuming.”

(18 June 2012 2:14 PM, PDT )

I'm mulling it over. Alaska has asked me to stand. “@PunkLuke: @RealLucyLawless Would you go for President.”

(18 June 2012 2:13 PM, PDT )

That's my car. And yes, I'm thinking of running. “@wesalwan: a friend of mine took this picture in Minnesota.”

(18 June 2012 2:08 PM, PDT )

@HeatherSpurlin You are quite the Warrior, aren't you?! God bless you, Angel.

(18 June 2012 2:05 PM, PDT )

@SUERENATE Schrecklich!

(18 June 2012 2:03 PM, PDT )

@michaelpshipley @meetthenewblack Inigo, sometimes you gross me out.

(17 June 2012 8:16 AM, PDT )

@LCPatnett Yes, gorgeous! Andy Whitfield's lovely family live in Wales.

(16 June 2012 2:45 AM, PDT )

Brilliant “@Xeno_Eohl: What do you think of the Aussie initiative to make our surrounding ocean into strategic National Parks? I say YES!”

(16 June 2012 2:40 AM, PDT )

she's stronger than she looks! “@SLMcColley: Good job with the lights tonight...though I think the adorable little girl did most ofthe work”

(16 June 2012 2:31 AM, PDT )

My love, Please refer to my profile. “@Regina1828: @reallucylawless would u ever come to Florida??”

(16 June 2012 2:27 AM, PDT )

@crixacus You crazy bastard!

(16 June 2012 2:26 AM, PDT )

Yes but non essential travel a thing of the past 4 me“@Nicky_Puppy: @RealLucyLawless Would you come to Germany for a good cause ?”

(16 June 2012 2:23 AM, PDT )

@crixacus Now THAT'S a fan!

(16 June 2012 2:22 AM, PDT )

Thanks for this! “@Qorianka: @RealLucyLawless in court today 4 taking a stand against #Arctic drilling. #SaveTheArctic”

(16 June 2012 2:15 AM, PDT )

@JKehl_Hobbit omg! Nice work, J.

(16 June 2012 2:10 AM, PDT )

Gidday from NZ “@Lubnasiddiqui: @RealLucyLawless hi lucy! come with me on world u soooo much..hello from Pakistan”

(16 June 2012 2:09 AM, PDT )

@Harjyke Aww, sweet!

(16 June 2012 2:08 AM, PDT )

@HeatherSpurlin Nursing home! How else can you tweet?

(16 June 2012 2:03 AM, PDT )

Let's keep that between us.“@ZoraPidyanata: @RealLucyLawless yes,I know you play in the movies *spartacus* lucy :) awesome”

(16 June 2012 2:01 AM, PDT )

@Missionbayprom My pleasure. Great work!

(16 June 2012 2:01 AM, PDT )

I always love him! “@kotymerrill: Can't wait to see Marton Csokas in ALVH! He's gonna rock! @RealLucyLawless don't you agree?”

(16 June 2012 2:00 AM, PDT )

Not sure. Will let you know. “@Hurcaneman: @RealLucyLawless Will you be attending Comic Con this year?”

(16 June 2012 2:00 AM, PDT )

yeah, you. “@rirob608: @RealLucyLawless Lucy, i was rocking my kids to ur show in the 90's they turned out to be rebels.. Any connection?”

(16 June 2012 1:59 AM, PDT )

RT @ClimateActio2n: Tell world leaders to stop subsidizing fossil fuels! #RioPlus20

(16 June 2012 1:54 AM, PDT )

RT @UN_Rioplus20: Mikhail Gorbachev on #Rioplus20: Understanding the present in the light of the #Futurewewant

(16 June 2012 1:53 AM, PDT )

RT @Greenpeace: What does being a mother have to do with taking action against Shell? @reallucylawless explains in her own words. http:/

(16 June 2012 1:50 AM, PDT )

@Deronta1985 Never! Xox

(15 June 2012 3:16 PM, PDT )

While we fight the good fight, it's really important to have a great time. I've never laughed so much as when we were on that Oil Rig.

(15 June 2012 3:14 PM, PDT )

God bless you, Esperanza! You bring a tear to my eye. The Taranaki8 are behind you all the way. Peace! #SaveTheArctic @gp_espy

(15 June 2012 3:13 PM, PDT )

RT @greenpeaceusa: Guilty, not sorry - Lucy Lawless on her Shell oil rig occupation in Feb: #savethearctic

(15 June 2012 3:10 PM, PDT )

ok, stop whingeing and go write a letter! “@stephenmott: @Anitajo24 @TrudiMaree @RealLucyLawless yea.. if only.. once greed kicks in..”

(15 June 2012 3:07 PM, PDT )

@bizarregospel @talcodi No, I don't want to shut her down.Just don't know how to respond to some things. not giving me anything to work with

(15 June 2012 3:05 PM, PDT )

may I direct ou to my profile? “@ivette1516: @RealLucyLawless todayis mybirthday can you wishme ahappy b'day it will really make my day :)”

(15 June 2012 3:03 PM, PDT )

@stephenmott @warrriorxena atta boy! That's the attitude!

(15 June 2012 3:02 PM, PDT )

@EyesofRoses honestly, I'm quite dull myself some days

(15 June 2012 3:01 PM, PDT )

@kmamaj Trash talk is part of the bidness, I'm afraid.

(15 June 2012 3:00 PM, PDT )

@stephenmott @anitajo24 Have you seen the TPPA? BigCorps can sue a country for instituting laws that protect its own environment. Adorable.

(15 June 2012 2:36 PM, PDT )

@TrudiMaree @blondedeathpony But like a distant skunk stench or your mother's perm solution, there's something appealing about that pong too

(15 June 2012 2:20 PM, PDT )

@stephenmott And what are YOU doing about it, Sir?

(15 June 2012 2:18 PM, PDT )

gosh, Stephen, you're in NZ! “@stephenmott: @RealLucyLawless The oil companies need permits target the government giving them the permits..”

(15 June 2012 2:17 PM, PDT )

curiosity, laughing+good food. “@JasminRomero20: @RealLucyLawless youre so beautiful. whats your beauty regimen consist of?”

(15 June 2012 2:16 PM, PDT )

no, coz you're being boring “@talcodi: @RealLucyLawless Lucy, are you not responding to my tweets because i dont have a picture attached?”

(15 June 2012 2:14 PM, PDT )

Do tell..?“@stephenmott: @RealLucyLawless just wanted to say, I hope you don’t go to jail, right goal, but wrong target. :)”

(15 June 2012 2:10 PM, PDT )

Shell could evolve their company to be a world-saving force -If they wanted to, If we demand it! @cvtshepard @shell

(15 June 2012 2:09 PM, PDT )

@stephenmott Do you think TopGear watches me?

(15 June 2012 2:05 PM, PDT )

@stephenmott Yes, I have heard that, still bought it years ago so not going to buy another car till it dies.

(15 June 2012 2:05 PM, PDT )

Okay, that was superb! Charge of Burglary officially dropped. More appropriate charge of Unlawfully on a Ship. Sept 14 sentencing.

(13 June 2012 4:01 PM, PDT )

Thanks for your good wishes. We are glad to be moving forward. Peace, Bro!

(13 June 2012 1:37 PM, PDT )

@TheBozDog @eh_da_castanha I wasn't calling her 'Sh*+'. Good grief. I was just agreeing to something nonsensical.

(13 June 2012 1:31 AM, PDT )

He's dreamy. “@iammaxeene: What was it like working with Adam Sandler, Lucy? @RealLucyLawless”

(13 June 2012 1:27 AM, PDT )

RT @carbon4good: Sustainable Business Network welcomes the release of Pure Advantage “New Zealand’s Position in the Green Race” Report h

(13 June 2012 1:09 AM, PDT )

Nb. PEACEFUL protest is the only way. “@IMailtonGomes: @JerryinCA @RealLucyLawless Yes.We must begin to realize soon, and go on the attack.”

(13 June 2012 1:06 AM, PDT )

@JerryinCA @imailtongomes If I don't respect an organization, I walk.

(13 June 2012 1:05 AM, PDT )

@stewer7 I find Paypal doesn't work are so kind to ask.

(13 June 2012 1:04 AM, PDT )

chance of rain 52% “@Redniwday: @RealLucyLawless how are you”

(13 June 2012 1:03 AM, PDT )

The alternative to Deep Sea drilling is a safer marine environment, Sir, for our fisheries, coastal way of life and Brand. @RobertHogg64

(13 June 2012 1:02 AM, PDT )

I don't work for Greenpeace but I agree with them on the need to move to Clean Energy NOW! Greenpeace has integrity. @IMailtonGomes

(13 June 2012 12:54 AM, PDT )

Amen, dude! “@GarethRuck: I don't want deep sea oil drilling in the NZ EEZ! #StopDeepSeaOil”

(13 June 2012 12:39 AM, PDT )

@Missionbayprom @morefmradio @lucylawlessnet That's a great cinema! They serve great wine& special coffees!

(13 June 2012 12:38 AM, PDT )

I guess you've always got that acting degree to fall back on. “@madeleinesami: Off to LA to become a stripper.”

(13 June 2012 12:36 AM, PDT )

@MarissaJWinokur hahahahahah!

(13 June 2012 12:30 AM, PDT )

@MarissaJWinokur @sitting @tvland Then I guess I'll be alone. Omg, that's even better!

(13 June 2012 12:30 AM, PDT )

So proud of this Kiwi kid! Go, Brittany!! @kuminaidoo

(13 June 2012 12:28 AM, PDT )

RT @kuminaidoo: 17 yr old Brittany Trilford will address 130 world leaders @ #RioPlus20. Tell her about the future YOU want:

(13 June 2012 12:28 AM, PDT )

@LucieHrebekova Thankyou for your help!

(13 June 2012 12:24 AM, PDT )

@grandgrannyb Congrats! My love to your daughter. A bloody hard day's work! Hope all is well.

(13 June 2012 12:22 AM, PDT )

RT @LuLu2872: @RealLucyLawless Isnt this a joke... to true but funny

(13 June 2012 12:22 AM, PDT )

@eh_da_Castanha @thebozdog No, you're all okay by me.

(12 June 2012 6:56 PM, PDT )

fracking and deep sea oil drilling two NASTY trends. Almost no regulation. “@kmamaj: @RealLucyLawless What type(s) of mining is done in NZ?”

(12 June 2012 6:54 PM, PDT )

“I wrote that to entertain my chubby baby, Julius cos he was such a character. @DanielMuchiare: @RealLucyLawless who is your little bubba?”

(12 June 2012 5:06 PM, PDT )

@Chamnesd I so know that feeling.

(12 June 2012 4:59 PM, PDT )

will be there by Christmas. “@SiegmannMariana: @RealLucyLawless That is awesome:)I'm from Rio.”

(12 June 2012 3:47 PM, PDT )

People of the W.Pacific islands of Kiribati emmigrating to Fiji to survive effects of climate change. Sea infiltrating wells #savethearctic

(12 June 2012 3:30 PM, PDT )

@Jaradhicks Maaan, you're old!

(12 June 2012 3:24 PM, PDT )

@xMaskedPhantomx You're okay, mate, just the way you are.

(12 June 2012 3:24 PM, PDT )

she's not a troll. And I EAT TROLLS FOR BREAKFAST! “@meetthenewblack: @RealLucyLawless You shouldn't feed the trolls ;p”

(12 June 2012 3:23 PM, PDT )

RT @CaSpenard: @RealLucyLawless so it will be unlawfully boarding a ship? Glad for you, now can we charge #shell for unlawfully endanger

(12 June 2012 3:22 PM, PDT )

RT @real_SabrinaL: @RealLucyLawless @GreenpeaceNZ Lawless expected to plea to lesser charge over protest #SaveTheArctic

(12 June 2012 3:21 PM, PDT )

life has no sense. Just dance on “@jazztrafficano:Im sitting outside, getting wet on rain +freezing, smokingMy life has no sense lol :P”

(12 June 2012 3:21 PM, PDT )

@thullycaroll why does everyone think that?

(12 June 2012 3:19 PM, PDT )


@ACC_ sweet dreams

(12 June 2012 2:40 PM, PDT )

That would be a "No". “@RenKvalcanteRC: you let your daughter be my girlfriend, at least today?pleaseeee i love her somuch she is perfect”

(12 June 2012 2:39 PM, PDT )

shit is right “@eh_da_Castanha: Why can not I be angry with she (Lucy)? Gooosh ... grew up loving this woman, makes part to me. Shit U_u”

(12 June 2012 2:37 PM, PDT )

@WarrriorXena Brazil has never heard of me nor seen my work but I have been wanting to go there all my life. Never thought it would happen!

(12 June 2012 2:37 PM, PDT )

@NicoleMa90 Thanks, pal!

(12 June 2012 2:36 PM, PDT )

@LeeManhattann25 hi, Angel.

(12 June 2012 2:35 PM, PDT )

@thullycaroll God, me too. But I'm here in NZ going to court for my protest against Shell drilling the Arctic!

(12 June 2012 2:35 PM, PDT )

@michaelpshipley @kwnoskar Oh, I know! The pain the paaaaiin!

(12 June 2012 1:51 AM, PDT )

@TwoPaddocks @fanboy1990 You were genius in Dean Spanley. I think we would do something brave.

(12 June 2012 1:44 AM, PDT )

@TwoPaddocks @fanboy1990 I really want to work with you one day!

(12 June 2012 1:43 AM, PDT )

@Purplewykr Yes, but they've been banned till further notice.

(12 June 2012 1:40 AM, PDT )

@TwoPaddocks @fanboy1990 Fancy?! I prefer clams.

(12 June 2012 1:39 AM, PDT )

ok, is this a boring conversation in Portuguese?“@nayaranunse: Eu jα entendi Julliana, vou ajudα-la.Certo? Fica calma, vocκ estα me deixando

(12 June 2012 1:35 AM, PDT )

awwwww, how are u? How was New Orleans? “@TwoPaddocks: @RealLucyLawless @Fanboy1990 That's the one , my darling .”

(12 June 2012 1:26 AM, PDT )

you are, my love. “@kwnoskar: @Nooter_ dont u ever do a mistake iam sorry i wanted t say honor ! whos laughing now?”

(12 June 2012 1:25 AM, PDT )

@stewer7 To what, honey?

(12 June 2012 1:22 AM, PDT )

@szalka You good girl.

(12 June 2012 1:21 AM, PDT )

@TwoPaddocks @fanboy1990 That'd be a bottle in each hand, Sammy.

(12 June 2012 1:20 AM, PDT )

@nayaranunse @juwarrior My gosh, your language is so hard!

(12 June 2012 1:19 AM, PDT )

@alysond71 You're adoorbell!

(12 June 2012 1:17 AM, PDT )

@stewer7 No, Love. But I will do one song on the Starship Christmas album to raise funds for the Nat'l Children's Hospital here in NZ

(12 June 2012 1:17 AM, PDT )

Yes, it would. “@kwnoskar: @RealLucyLawless if u want and like follow me please.... it would be my honer”

(12 June 2012 1:10 AM, PDT )

@aseretseymour @shizumahanazono Oh, gosh, I don't know where that is. If you find it, I'll retweet it.

(12 June 2012 1:10 AM, PDT )

@alysond71 @chemkate I had one verry fat baby, all breastfed and he is a long drink of water now. As you all know: Breast is best!

(12 June 2012 1:07 AM, PDT )

A fit of giggles? “@Tricismiles: @RealLucyLawless what's the worst thing that could happen in court?”

(12 June 2012 12:59 AM, PDT )

@ApolloJJackson @matsterjonaz I don't know about society but Xena helped thousands of marginalized individuals to break out of their rut

(12 June 2012 12:58 AM, PDT )

@shizumahanazono Gidday, Mexico!

(12 June 2012 12:55 AM, PDT )

@fandezina How's about that porn actor who cut up his girlfriend and mailed her to Canada? Or are we talking about the same lunatic?

(9 June 2012 12:38 PM, PDT )

@adi_15 @tonjatriplett In my kitchen. deservedly so.

(9 June 2012 2:35 AM, PDT )

I do. Especially Seth Paskin. He's nouveau Texan. “@OhGoshItsJac: How do you feel about Texans? I hope you like them.. cuz we loveeee you!”

(7 June 2012 3:47 AM, PDT )

our pleasure! “@DavidEstep: @Spartacus_starz #AndyWhitfield , @Liam_J_McIntyre #JohnHannah @ViVaBianca ,amazing work on #spartacus”

(6 June 2012 11:22 PM, PDT )

@bittercrisp you poor sad twat

(6 June 2012 11:20 PM, PDT )

June 13. Fingers crossed. “@RashellAkaRoach: @RealLucyLawless When's court?”

(6 June 2012 10:15 PM, PDT )

@HeatherSpurlin xox

(6 June 2012 10:14 PM, PDT )

@XenaRadio @podadixa @jazztrafficano The Kaltaka ep was too stooped. Made X out to be a moron. Sorry, hated that one.

(6 June 2012 10:13 PM, PDT )

@Katie_Ann00 @msjaimemurray I go check

(6 June 2012 10:12 PM, PDT )

RT @Spartacus_TH: @RealLucyLawless Will you RT we are trending #WeLoveLiamJMcIntyre to support our Spartacus!!

(6 June 2012 10:11 PM, PDT )

@eltirado My first Mexican! Cool!

(6 June 2012 10:11 PM, PDT )

@EhOhKae prairie girl go to bed.

(6 June 2012 10:10 PM, PDT )

@leanansidhe220 @allessandra__ nope. You got me all wrong.

(6 June 2012 10:08 PM, PDT )

It's the family business “@Twiitface87: are you as sad as me that the upcoming season of @spartacus_starz will be the last? :'(”

(6 June 2012 10:07 PM, PDT )

EXTREMELY “@Twiitface87: @RealLucyLawless are you as sad as me that the upcoming season of @spartacus_starz will be the last? :'(”

(6 June 2012 10:07 PM, PDT )

nope. You're wrong. “@Katie_Ann00: @hamish_keith Pretty sure Lucy was being sarcastic when she said she "wasn't sarcastic" :P”

(6 June 2012 10:06 PM, PDT )

the trick is not to think about it “@belleamie47: Or do you invoke the emotion with the expressions naturally following that feeling? 8-)

(6 June 2012 10:06 PM, PDT )

Always a classic “@hamish_keith: @RealLucyLawless well I have an idea involving a turtle and a freeway”

(6 June 2012 10:04 PM, PDT )

good call “@bootyINSANOFLEX: @RealLucyLawless meant to follow the fake Lucy Lawless..”

(6 June 2012 10:03 PM, PDT )

I honestly do not see myself as sarcastic. “@allessandra__: @RealLucyLawless Are you funny,sarcastic...both?!?”

(6 June 2012 10:02 PM, PDT )

yes, yours I'd watch “@hamish_keith: @RealLucyLawless what about if I made one?”

(6 June 2012 10:00 PM, PDT )

@joeynemati Dreckspatz

(6 June 2012 9:58 PM, PDT )

@belleamie47 They don't even keep them! They throw them all back. Why torture the fish? Why 6hrs on the water?Just catch two and go home.

(6 June 2012 9:18 PM, PDT )

@michellemcaleer Seriously, did you catch someone doing that?

(6 June 2012 9:15 PM, PDT )

Google it, Sista! “@jazalejaper: @RealLucyLawless what time is it where you are?”

(6 June 2012 9:13 PM, PDT )

@HappyBlablah Trolls have no loyalty

(6 June 2012 9:12 PM, PDT )

Fishing is what NZ'ers prefer to do until our first deep sea oil spill when fish is off the menu. Worth the risk? @belleamie47

(6 June 2012 9:10 PM, PDT )

Don't get me started! “@PIXL_bender: @RealLucyLawless you're my very favorite troll, Lucy.”

(6 June 2012 9:05 PM, PDT )

RT @GreenpeaceNZ: Almost 150,000 kiwis have signed No Deep Sea Oil petition ☛ #StopDeepSeaOil #DT @GreenpeaceNZ

(6 June 2012 9:02 PM, PDT )

@phoenixbirdX No, you inspire me!

(6 June 2012 9:01 PM, PDT )

@PoshLopez Not awake. I tweet in my sleep.

(6 June 2012 9:00 PM, PDT )

@Danni9292Hill @vivabianca Ha! Climb an Oilrig, do a rock show, anything to avoid the psychological burbs.

(6 June 2012 8:59 PM, PDT )

RT @FongLim: RT For marriage equality in Australia Thks @JaneEspenson @TeamHusbands @JessicaCapshaw @RealLucyLawles

(6 June 2012 8:58 PM, PDT )

@ACC_ @jazztrafficano Holy cow! The Poles are on mushrooms again.

(6 June 2012 3:59 PM, PDT )

Could this be sweeter? Liam and Kirk Douglas. One of life's delights!

(6 June 2012 2:29 AM, PDT )

@MelissaSantali Ja, aber was ist die Meinung des Fahrads?

(6 June 2012 1:16 AM, PDT )

@Gian_M xox

(6 June 2012 1:12 AM, PDT )

@MelissaSantali You know what fits your bike? Your tush.

(6 June 2012 1:08 AM, PDT )

@cvtshepard Yeah, I love you when I wuz a sperm!

(6 June 2012 1:06 AM, PDT )

God, I love it when a 40yr old says that to me. “@Gian_M: @RealLucyLawless I love you since I was a child :-)”

(6 June 2012 1:02 AM, PDT )

@BrendanPfahlert It says that our eco risk assessment requirements are abysmal. ie. we have buggerall regulation to protect our marine envir

(5 June 2012 5:17 PM, PDT )

HHAHAHAHA! “@WarrriorXena: So then they handcuffed me and said anything you say can and will be held against you so I said "Lucy Lawless."”

(5 June 2012 5:12 PM, PDT )

Ho's, we got bidness ahead! “@dramaaddict: @RealLucyLawless Get your hos on that now!”

(5 June 2012 5:11 PM, PDT )

@real_SabrinaL I will check out Trier!

(5 June 2012 5:07 PM, PDT )

NZ has "a worse record than Nigeria when it comes to requirements for environmental impact requirements"? Eh?!

(5 June 2012 5:03 PM, PDT )

RT @lucylawlessnet: Heavy Sea Ice Throws Significant Delay (2-3 weeks) Into Shell's Drilling Plans -

(5 June 2012 2:10 PM, PDT )

@MrBusby4o8 great question. Not really Xena, but fair question. Will ask.

(5 June 2012 1:10 AM, PDT )

Indian. No really. “@ladyvangreen: @RealLucyLawless Do you listen to foreign music? Like french, italian or german?”

(5 June 2012 1:08 AM, PDT )

okay, show me your location so I can look you up. What are you doing there? “@alysond71: here in Burma we have the best fresh veggies!”

(5 June 2012 1:05 AM, PDT )

In love with grilled veges. Cover broccoli/ fennel bulbs(sliced) in oil and put under the grill. Melted butter+garlic on top.

(5 June 2012 12:59 AM, PDT )

@Liam_J_McIntyre Liam, you're a champion and you worked like a fiend to make that the hardest possible decision for STARZ. Respect.

(5 June 2012 12:54 AM, PDT )

@ozcolours @lev8alf such a pleasure . Thanks to you and your compatriots for all their love and support I've rather years. Love my Aussies.

(5 June 2012 12:41 AM, PDT )

you can say that again! “@LEV8ALF: You're pampered fans with their attention, and threw. We are responsible for those who have tamed.”

(5 June 2012 12:35 AM, PDT )

Memorial for the Rainbow Warrior, GreenpeaceNZ, Matauri Bay, Northland. A very moving experience for me.

(2 June 2012 3:48 PM, PDT )

To be a good wife, I go fishing once every 8yrs without fail! Im off the hook till 2020. Beautiful up in Northland. Grandparents from here.

(1 June 2012 11:17 PM, PDT )

@michaelpshipley @alecbaldwin Damn, you're a celeb whore.

(1 June 2012 8:09 AM, PDT )