Lucy Lawless Sings Planet A March & Concert

Saturday 5 December 2009 Auckland New Zealand

Lucy Images

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Lucy was AWESOME! She looked and sounded fantastic! AUSXIP Sidekick Jo was out and about capturing the action. Jo did an AMAZING job with it all. Lucy wore a dark wig that gave Xena fans heart flutters; Lucy with black hair is such a glorious sight. Daisy was in her Sunshine Band as one of the BV's and is a gorgeous young woman; very cheeky especially during GLORIA. Another great performance!



  Official Greenpeace Images from the March & Concert

Sunday News 6 December 2009 - Lucy with the rest of the Planet A Concert Performers

The following video has some GORGEOUS Lucy footage from the Planet A Concert. There is no sound other than background music but the photography is outstanding! Early on the video is Lucy singing but towards the end there are photos. The photographer who created the video and took the images is a kiwi Photographer. Check out his site for the Lucy images (under Music galleries).


Video Footage by Jo

Click on the image to get the video file (zipped)

Rehearsal -
01 Fooled Around & Fell In Love

Concert Footage
01. Losing My Religion | 02. Fooled Around & Fell In Love | 03. Delta Dawn | 04. G.L.O.R.I.A.|
05. Karma (We All Shine On) Group Performance

Rehearsal - Fooled Around & Fell In Love


01. Losing My Religion


02. Fooled Around & Fell In Love


03. Delta Dawn

04. G.L.O.R.I.A.

If you want a giggle watch Daisy towards the end where Lucy is singing the part that Jesus died but not for her...Daisy (Lucy's daughter) crosses herself! That's just so funny and cheeky. That young woman is her mother's daughter through and through.

05. Karma (We All Shine On) Group Performance
(Video centred on Lucy Only)




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