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Special: Lucy Lawless Feel The Love Week (Annually 21-28 September)

Lucy Lawless Conventions - 1997-2014

The following images are from various public premieres and events Lucy has attended.
Credit for the photos and copyright remains with the respective photographers.
For Charity / Social Campaigns that Lucy is involved in please see the Lucy Charity / Awareness Subsite




20 April 2017

Lucy Video: LGBTI Awards Red Carpet

This is just hysterical (and so was the presenter). Lucy takes over once he storms off. Original video is located here

Just Lucy bits below:



5 April 2017

Pics and Video of Lucy at Greenpeace Taitu Launch

Here's some more pics and video of Lucy at the launch of the new Greenpeace boat Taitu



2 April 2017

Lucy Video and Pics: The Actors' Benevolent Fund Afternoon Gala April 2, 2017

AUSXIP Reporter MartineXena was on hand to watch Lucy take part in the Actors' Benevolent Fund Afternoon Gala in New Zealand April 2, 2017






Photos of Lucy







More video and pics to follow!



1 April 2017

Lucy Attends Taitu Launch for Greenpeace in Wellington April 1, 2017


Greenpeace NZ launched their new ship called Taitu today in Wellington. It’s a 15 metre ship that was purchased via crowdfunding. On April 1, 2017 a ceremony was held at Wharewaka Function Centre to bless the boat. had the following about the event

Lucy Lawless pours Feijoa bubbly on Taitu during the naming ceremony. Taitu has been named, blessed and had a first drink before it leaves Wellington to earn some rainbow coloured stripes. The 15-metre ship is the latest addition to Greenpeace's Kiwi fleet, purchased thanks to a crowd funding campaign that saw $100,000 raised in seven days.

A ceremony at the Wharewaka Function Centre on Saturday brought four corners of New Zealand to the boat's waterfront blessing.

Greenpeace New Zealand director Russel Norman said sand was brought from the country's east and west coasts, feijoa wine from the north and a bottle of pinot noir from the south.

"It represents four points of the compass," he said.



1 April 2017

Lucy To Perform To Raise Money For Struggling Actors April 2 in New Zealand

Image636266702426575504Lucy Lawless will take to the Pop Up Globe's stage in Ellerslie on Sunday for a special performance to raise money for struggling Kiwi actors.

The Actors' Benevolent Fund gala will benefit performers who are temporarily or permanently unable to work because of an injury, illness or disability.

Comedian Michele A'Court is MCing the 90 minute showcase which will feature performances from music legends Shona Laing and Dave Dobbyn, Lawless, and many other actors and artists.

Lawless said the event was about performers and audiences coming together to support actors in need and it was a cause that she was proud to support.

"It's really nice to participate in something by actors for actors. Entertainment is a very important part of the well-being of society and you need performers to deliver that - whether it's in movies or on the stage, a live performance.

"For many, many actors there's no back up. There's no ACC for them. So this is a chance for people who love art, whether you're in the business or not, to contribute to the well-being of [actors]."

The 49-year-old actress - loved around the world for her leading role in Xena: Warrior Princess - told the Weekend Herald that when an actor stops working because of illness, injury or disability it's for an "awfully good reason", so the money raised at the gala would go to people who really need help.

"You don't want to let the side down and it's just part of your being able to contribute in that way, so when actors are sick they're not kidding around."

During the gala show she will read Australian musician Nick Cave's "very poetic" letter My muse is not a horse.

Cave wrote the letter as a response to his nomination for MTV's Best Male artist award in 1996 after releasing his ninth studio album Murder Ballads.

In it he said though he was "grateful and flattered" to be nominated, he asked the nomination to be withdrawn.

"It's about how being rewarded by awards might cause his muse to flee," Lawless said.

"And I think it's about something that every creative person, and we're all creative, needs to be reminded of - that to treat our creativity as something very precious and not try to put a value on it because the value of it is incalculable."

Fellow star Kiwi actress Jennifer Ward-Lealand, who is performing in and helping organise the gala, said many actors regularly performed for different charities, but were hesitant to admit when they needed help themselves.

"Actors are notoriously proud. It's usually people around them who say 'this person is in strife'."

Funds raised through the gala's ticket sales will be distributed by the New Zealand Actors' Benevolent Fund, a charity which formed in 2013.

The organisation supports New Zealand actors through health issues in a variety of ways - be it by paying their utility bills while they go through a round of chemo, or helping to fund medical treatment.

Tickets to the gala - costing between $30 and $100 - are on sale on Eventfinda.

β€’ The Weekend Herald has 50 double passes to the Actors' Benevolent Fund Afternoon Gala on Sunday to giveaway.

This one-time-only event at the Pop-up Globe at Ellerslie Racecourse starts at 4pmAll proceeds from this event will be donated to the Actors' Benevolent Fund.

To enter, email: with your name and 'Herald ABF' in the subject line. The first 50 people to email will get the double passes and your win will be confirmed by return email by 5pm Saturday.

Source: NZ Herald





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