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Lucy Lawless
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

30 August - 2 September 2013



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2013 DragonCon Lucy Lawless Report Saturday & Sunday Aug 31/Sept 1
 Saturday -
I arrived in about 7:00 a.m. and got into line for badge pickup. It wasa fairly short line, and by 8:15 or so I had my badge. I ran into an SCA(my Medieval Re-enactment group) couple who asked me if I wanted toshare a taxi with them to the hotel where Lucy was signing and doingphoto-ops. I readily agreed and arrived in good time. I went straight tothe room where she was signing and waited til 10:00..... Standing andsitting while wearing about 60 pounds of steel, chain mail, and leatherarmour. I picked a photo of her, paid, and got in another line in theroom where she was actually signing. I was very near the beginning ofthe line and getting really nervous. I had to keep telling myself torelax and *breathe*. LOL!
 She came in after a few minutes and I tried not to stare or have a heart attack. [ :o ] She was wearing light(?) colored pants and a light brown, sleeveless top. She also had a gold bracelet and I *think* she may have had a gold chain necklace, too. I don't remember. Her hair was its natural light/medium brown, long enough to reach at least half way down her shoulder blades and she was quite thin. I thought she was a bit too thin, but that's just me.
 After eons (a few minutes), I finally reached the guy who was taking the tickets. He asked me to spell the personalization, which I did (Susan & Christie), and he wrote it down for her. It was for 2 friends of mine. He asked if I was Susan or Christie and I said no, but before I could clarify it, Lucy was ready to sign my photo.
 I put my helm on the table as she took the photo and asked me if I was Susan or Christie.
 I said, "No, these are my two best friends and they're getting married up in Maine today."
 She looked right up and me with a smile and said, "That's great! This isn't for you, then?"
 I replied, "No, this is a wedding present for them."
 Her mouth kinda fell open, the she smiled wider (read 'grinned') and said, "That's so sweet of you!".
 I answered something like, "I try," or something else equally inane. I watched closely as she wrote Susan & Christie, but to my surprise, she kept writing line after line, almost to the bottom of the photo, then signed it with a flourish. I commented, "Wow, you're writing a novel, there!"
 She just smiled, said, "There you are," ( or something like that) and turned it around so I could see it.
 I thanked her and shook her hand, then took the photo and my helm to the other end of the room which had a table. I put down my helm again and read what she'd written:
 To Susan & Christie,
 Love &
 best wishes
 for a
 Lucy Lawless
 I was *FLOORED*!!!! She didn't have to take time to write all that, yet she did; and for two people she'd never met. I've heard how nice she is to people, but this morning her kindness and consideration blew me away.
 Walking on air (in armour), I went to where she would be doing photo-ops. I hung out til the guy told us to come in. We were in line, about to enter the room where the actual photos were being taken....and... the guy came in and said Lucy had had a mishap and had pulled/strained/sprained a calf muscle/tendon/ligament had had to cancel the shoot. He said the paramedics were with her and that we could either come back tomorrow or get a refund. I had only a Saturday ticket and didn't want to buy a Sunday ticket, too, so I opted for the refund. I was very disappointed but I certainly understood what she was going through. With any luck she might come back next year. If not, well, I still got to meet her and get what I'd really come for, a wedding gift for my 2 friends. I figured she wouldn't make it to the Spartacus panel, either, so after getting my refund, I left and came home.
 So.... the experience was half boom, half bust. I'm *really* glad I decided at the last moment to go to the morning autograph session instead of the afternoon one, cuz I doubt she would've made it to that one, either. I've spent hours in an emergency room with various small fractures (toes & fingers), so I know she'd in the hospital for several hours at the very least with the exam, x-rays, etc.
 I just hope it's a small injury, not a big one!
 Sunday -
 Saturday night I decided to go back to the con after reading Tweets that she had been at the Spartacus panel. I was very disappointed that I’d come home and missed it. So indeed, I went back early Sunday morning.
 Sometimes it take me a while to digest an experience and put it into words, and such was the case for today’s Lucy Lawless appearances.
 Battlestar Galactica Panel:
 There were 3 panelists; Lucy, Edward James Olmos (‘Eddie’). And Kandace McClure. Eddie was asked the most questions and gave long, eloquent, thorough answers. The Irish in me appreciated this gift of the gab, but Lucy answered her questions just as well with fewer words. She was in high spirits despite her injury and was, by turns, and in response to the subject under discussion, pithy/joking, earnest/heartfelt, thoughtful/deliberate, etc. Her replies were shorter, but very clear and concise, leaving no room for misunderstanding. Kandace had the fewest questions, and being the youngest and inexperienced, sometimes had trouble gathering her thoughts into a cohesive response. I’m sure this will improve with time. Lucy smile quite a bit, and frequently looked straight ahead and to both sides so people could photograph her. She did this with subtly and finesse; she was clearly an old hand at knowing how to make sure everyone who wanted to photograph her could without making it obvious what it was she was doing.
 There was a slight hitch when a woman told her how she’d had a heart attack and nearly died, and told Lucy her influence had saved her life. Lucy seemed a bit blase about it, although the woman was quite choked up in the telling of her story, and her voice quavered and broke a few times. Many people have told Lucy similar stories over the years and she seemed to take the story in stride with no real outward show of emotion. She thanked the woman, but quickly took the next question. I have no idea how she truly felt about the woman’s story, even though the woman had written a more detailed account of what happened to her in a letter of sorts, which was taken by the panel moderator. I can’t remember whether Lucy took it from her (the moderator) or not. If she didn’t, presumably she took it when the panel was over.
 I had severe sleep deprivation and my memory sucks to begin with, so this is the best account I can give.
 Autograph Session:
 The Walk of Fame was a beehive from hell. The acoustics were atrocious, and with so many people talking, it was like being in a *really* loud bar without the booze or music. Everyone had to shout to be heard; Lucy had to lean forward to hear people talking to her, and the people had to bend over and get into her face so she could hear *them*. I gave her my name, even though it was written on a piece of paper, and as she signed, I asked her if she was living the US or New Zealand, adding that I knew she’d done a few eps of Parks & Recreation on the assumption that it was an American show made in America. She said she was still in New Zealand, but that she might be moving back to the states ‘in a few years’ or ‘a year or two’. I couldn’t her clearly over the background noise. She offered her hand for a shake, which I did with relish. I said something like, “Thank you,” them moved aside to make way for the next person. Have I mentioned how drop dead gorgeous she is close up? I didn’t? Well, she’s drop dead GORGEOUS close up. Now you know. ;)
 So, Lucy has a bum leg. She came into the photo room in a wheelchair, but to everyone’s surprise, she got up and had the pics taken while standing on one leg. Needless to say the photographer moved at blazing speed; each shot took only seconds. No chit chat or hugs. My turn came way faster than I thought it would. I took about two steps to reach her (I have long legs), she put her arm around my shoulder and I put mine around her waist. Before I knew it, the photographer had taken the pic and she let me go. I said, quickly, “Thank you so much for coming, I really appreciate it.” She relied, just as quickly, “It’s my pleasure, love”. I stepped away and she grabbed the next person.
 Gotta love those Kiwisms; my heart beat tripled. I know she meant every word. I walked out, treading on air.
 I still can’t believe she did that photo shoot with so many people while standing on just one leg. What a trooper she is! I can’t imagine any other star except maybe Renee doing that. I would’ve been more than willing to let her sit in a chair and either sit, or kneel next to her for the photo, and I warrant everyone else would’ve done the same. I think that’s *why* she stood, it was her way of saying, ‘I know you would all accommodate me, so I’m going to show my appreciation by not asking you to do so’. I’m just guessing of course, but she strikes me as being a
 person who would think that way. And have I mentioned how drop dead gorgeous she is close up? I did? Ok, I’ll shut up now.
 P.S. As I walked through the hall to the lobby, I passed a table covered with Bill Shatner photo-op pics. In each and every one he looked thoroughly bored, angry, and obviously wanting to be anywhere but there. Lucy was the polar opposite; all smiles; flirting and mugging with the men (lucky devils), and hugging the women warmly while putting her face close to theirs. (Lucky US). :)
 The end.
 More info (9/2/13):
 Now that I've gotten some sleep, some memories are starting to filter back. At the BSG panel, Lucy was asked what were her favorite favorite characters to portray and why.
 The answers below are somewhat paraphrased from memory and may not be accurate and/or complete:
 She said #6 was the most emotionally close and intense character because #6 was so conflicted about being cylon, a race scientifically produced by another race which normally reproduced biologically. She was also conflicted about the cyborg/human relationship, and the war the cyborgs were waging against the humans who had created them.
 She said Xena was the most fun. She may have also said Xena was the most physically challenging, but I'm not sure. This second sentence may be what I had wanted her to say.
 I can't remember what she said about Lucretia. Sorry!
 If she comes to DragonCon again, I'm gonna buy a super high quality digital voice recorder and use that instead of trying memorize stuff or take notes.
 I forgot to mention she wore black leather pants on Sunday. They fit snugly, but weren't skin tight. They were also new, so the leather scent was quite strong. At the signing session, when we both had to lean towards each other to hear, I discovered that not only could I pick up her own personal scent, she was also wearing a light cologne; mostly sweet and flowery with just a hint of spice. In essence, I got nose bombed with leather, Lucy, and spicy flower. In that order. It was nothing short of exhilarating to the point of headiness. WOW!!!
 BTW, the pic she signed for me was one of D’anna, not Xena. I haven’t watched her eps of BSG in several years and mistook it for a shot of her as herself, not a TV character. When she signed it, she took the time to add D’anna’s signature below hers. How many other actors would do THAT? Besides, Renee, of course. I flipped yet again!





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