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Lucy Lawless - Climate Voter

Auckland, New Zealand

Launch on 22 June 2014



Lucy has launched a new climate change initiative called "Climate Voter"


What is "Climate Voter"?

Being a Climate Voter means you care about climate change and you want all political parties to do something about it. It means you want real action on climate change and you're prepared to use your vote to get it. It says you support strategies to rapidly phase out fossil fuels and grow New Zealand's clean energy and low-carbon potential.

Climate Voter is a non-partisan initiative powered by an alliance of New Zealand organisations. It aims to empower climate concerned citizens to use their vote in the September 2014 election to make a difference for the good of present and future generations.
In the lead up to the election we will be asking political parties where they stand on key elements of climate related policy with a #ClimateVoter question of the week. Near election day we will host a live debate between all major political parties inviting them to convince Climate Voters that their party will take real action on climate change.




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