Western People

4 June 2003 

'Warrior Princess' traces Granuaile's tale

A Warrior Princess invaded Westport House this week when film star Lucy Lawless graced its famous halls. Ms. Lawless, well known as Xena the Warrior Princess, is currently working with the Discovery Channel on a series about women warriors of the world and she was in the West-Mayo area charting the life and times of Granuaile. Ms. Lawless introduces each programme, which
also features an episode on Joan of Arc and the series is expected to be a big success.

Granuaile sailed the seas of Clew Bay and beyond in the 16th century and was known far and wide for her fearless attempts to hold on to the ancient Gaelic way of life. She is still remembered fondly and her fame has been the inspiration for many ballads and numerous books, the most famous of which is probably 'Granuaile; The Life and Times of Grace O' Malley' by Ann Chambers.

Ms Chambers has just completed a screenplay on the life of Granuaile and it is understood that a major Hollywood movie charting the life of Mayo's pirate queen is being considered.

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