TV Show Interview:

Ducks and Red Wings Hockey Game

6 May 1997

Transcribed by:
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Transcript of Lucy interview at Ducks and Red Wings Hockey Game May 6th 1997

I just typed this, it was hard to understand some of what was being said as the crowd was in the background and "noise" off or Real Audio. Also my hearing is not to good so I could have just heard it wrong, but it is typed to my best hearing ability so if something is incorrect please email me and I will try and change it. Enjoy, copyright is at the bottom. All mistakes are my fault.

Ken- I made a call. I had the privilege to track down the person who sang the National Anthem today, Lucy Lawless better know as Xena the warrior princess, and she is right behind us in the broadcast booth, I tell you what she has her eyes on you right now Paul.

Paul-You know that is your type of girl Ken (saying something about black book) you seem to get the biggest stars on the show.

Ken- Well lets bring her in right now. Lucy Lawless welcome to the broadcast booth.

Lucy-Thank you very much, its nice of you to have me.

Ken- I understand that you are a terrific Detroit Red Wings fan, how did that come about.

Lucy- Um, my boyfriend is from Detroit and we spent Christmas there 2 years ago and there I got introduced to ice hockey and I have never seen ice hockey and I find it to be the most exciting, um viscerally appealing game I have ever come across, I am from a big sporting country you know with rugby and league and all the rest but nothing has ever gripped me like ice hockey

Ken- Now you are from New Zealand that correct.

Lucy-Right on, yup

Ken-Now tell me about your television show and how that got started it seems like its the crowds favorite

Lucy- Yeah well it got started, its the classic Hollywood story. Somebody else got sick and I um I happened to be on the spot and uh they said well lets get that Lucy Lawless girl We think she can do it and she is down there. uh so I was called back from a camping holiday and bit on my way to stardom I guess.

Ken- Lucy your a nice young lady how do you play that role of being so tough all the time.

Lucy-Well I grew up with a lot of brothers and I am not nice all the time. And uh, I find this show has a lot more appeal in the east as opposed to the west. So I love coming back there.

Ken-Why is that why do you say it has more appeal in the east

Lucy- uh, because I think people are a little uh a little tougher more shabby, I don't know. I hope nobody in LA hears me say this. They are a bit more media savvy when I go to New York um or Detroit I get a really good, a really good welcome. People aren't real hysterical about it, or you know they are pretty hip.

Ken- Well Lucy were almost out of time right here but I understand your friend Xena wants to say something a few words to Paul Woods.

Lucy- Quite right.

Xena voice- Paul this is Xena speaking and if you don't lay off my friend Ken Madarvie (name is questionable), with those stupid trivia questions, I am going to have to deal a sever backhand to ya.

Ken- Whoa lookout Paul better get her away from your ??

Paul-You know I might want to go down that road you never know.

Ken- I say one thing she must be tough (talking about her outfit and cold ice)

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